Top 10 similar words or synonyms for evidence

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for evidence

Article Example
कबुलियती खेती Warning, M. and Hoo, W. (२०००), “The Impact of Contract Farming on Income Distribution: Theory and Evidence”, Paper Prepared for Presentation at the Western Economics Association International Annual Meetings, June २०००.
ओन्कोलोजी Generally, a ""tissue diagnosis"" (from a biopsy) is considered essential for the proper identification of cancer. When this is not possible, "empirical therapy" (without an exact diagnosis) may be given, based on the available evidence (e.g. history, x-rays र scans.)
ओन्कोलोजी Many cancer patients seek extra help from complementary र alternative therapies, which fall वाहिर of conventional medicine. Some complementary therapies do not have a firm scientific or evidence base. Some patients undoubtedly find complementary therapies helpful whilst they are undergoing conventional treatment.
मुख तथा अनुहार शल्यचिकित्सा The European Directive 2001/19/EC also distinguishes Oral र Maxillofacial Surgery from other evidence of formal qualifications in specialised dentistry, such as Oral Surgery , which requires a minimum length of ३ years, is limited to Oral Surgery र is reserved to the dental practitioners, who consequently are not allowed to practice Oral र Maxillofacial Surgery.
२००४ एएफसी एसिया कप Like other sports events, the Asian Cup 2004 was publicised as evidence of China's economic and athletic progress, being referred to by some as a prelude to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Many Chinese see the tournament as a success and take great pride in having showcased such an important sporting event in advance of the Olympics Games. However, the Japanese media and many other international observers have pointed out bad manners on the part of Chinese fans, and sparse attendance at the tournament, raising questions on China's ability to hold such sporting events.