Top 10 similar words or synonyms for distance

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for distance

Article Example
भौतिकशास्त्रका प्रमुख सूत्रहरू formula_20: चली गयी दूरी (Distance traveled)
आमसञ्चार Dennis Mcquail - “ The term mass media refers to the organized means for communicating openly and at a distance to many receivers within a short space of time.” अर्थात आमसञ्चार माध्यम भन्ने शब्दले छोटो समयावधिमा लामो दुरीसम्म तथा धेरै प्रापकहरूसगँ सञ्चार गर्न सकिने सङ्गठीत साधनहरूलाई जनाउँछ ।
पानी Earth's mass allows gravity to hold an atmosphere. Water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere provides a greenhouse effect which helps maintain a relatively steady surface temperature. If Earth were less massive, a thinner atmosphere would cause temperature extremes preventing the accumulation of water except in polar ice caps (as on Mars). According to the solar nebula model of the solar system's formation, Earth's mass may be largely due to its distance from the Sun.
पानी The distance between Earth and the Sun and the combination of solar radiation received and the greenhouse effect of an atmosphere ensures that its surface is neither too cold nor too hot for liquid water. If Earth were more distant, most water would be frozen. If Earth was nearer to the Sun, its higher surface temperature would limit the formation of ice caps, or cause water to exist only as vapor. In the former case, the low albedo of oceans would cause Earth to absorb more solar energy. In the second a runaway greenhouse effect and inhospitable conditions similar to Venus would result.
२०१३ फिफा कन्फेडेरेसन कप FIFA General Secretary Jérôme Valcke subsequently admitted that FIFA had held a "crisis meeting" involving the Brazilian government regarding the completion of the tournament, but sought to distance FIFA from the wider social unrest, stating that "the most important thing for us is to detach the World Cup or the Confederations Cup from these problems. We are not the answer to all problems and we are definitely not the reason for such a crisis. We are just part of what Brazil is doing for the next 20 years...the light FIFA is being shown in here, is the wrong one". He also reaffirmed that the protests had not caused FIFA to consider moving the 2014 World Cup away from Brazil.