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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for daylight

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समय क्षेत्र Some examples when UTC is ०२:०० on Tuesday when daylight saving time is not in effect:
समय क्षेत्र The time-zone adjustment for a specific location may vary because of Daylight Saving Time. For example New Zealand, which is usually UTC+12, observes a one-hour daylight saving time adjustment during the southern hemisphere summer, resulting in a local time of UTC+13.
समय क्षेत्र Where the adjustment for time zones results in a time at the other side of midnight from UTC, then the date at the location is one day later or earlier. Some examples when UTC is २३:०० on Monday when daylight saving time is not in effect:
समय क्षेत्र The definition for time zones can be written in short form as UTC±"n" (or GMT±"n"), where "n" is the offset in hours. These examples give the local time at various locations at १२:०० UTC when daylight saving time (or summer time, etc.) is not in effect:
समय क्षेत्र Due to daylight saving time, UTC is local time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich only between ०१:०० UTC on the last Sunday in October र ०१:०० UTC on the last Sunday in March. For the rest of the year, local time there is UTC+1, known in the United Kingdom as British Summer Time (BST). Similar circumstances apply in many places.
समय क्षेत्र Standard time zones can be defined by geometrically subdividing the Earth's spheroid into २४ lunes (wedge-shaped sections), bordered by meridians each १५° of longitude apart. The local time in neighbouring zones would differ by one hour. However, political र geographical practicalities can result in irregularly-shaped zones that follow political boundaries or that change their time seasonally (as with daylight saving time), as well as being subject to occasional redefinition as political conditions change.
समय क्षेत्र This became increasingly awkward as railways र telecommunications improved, because clocks differed between places by an amount corresponding to the difference in their geographical longitude, which was usually not a convenient number. This problem could be solved by synchronizing the clocks in all localities, but then in many places the local time would differ markedly from the solar time to which people are accustomed. Time zones are thus a compromise, relaxing the complex geographic dependence while still allowing local time to approximate the mean solar time. There has been a general trend to push the boundaries of time zones further west of their designated meridians in order to create a permanent daylight saving time effect. The increase in worldwide communication has further increased the need for interacting parties to communicate mutually comprehensible time references to one another.