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साधारण चिकित्सक This process has changed under the programme Modernising Medical Careers. Doctors graduating from २००५ onwards will have to do a minimum of ५ years postgraduate training:
२००७ एएफसी एसिया कप Before 2007 and every four years, Asia often held its continental tournament from 1956 until China in 2004. With the Summer Olympic Games and the European Football Championship also held in the same year as the Asian Cup, the AFC changed their tradition. Beginning in 2007, Asia will hold its continental tournament a year earlier, and every four years henceforth from that date.
साधारण चिकित्सक Between २००३ र २००९ the board certification process is being changed in family medicine र all other American Specialty Boards to a continuous series of yearly competency tests on differing areas within the given specialty. The American Board of Family Medicine, as well as other specialty boards, are requiring additional participation in continuous learning र self-assessment to enhance clinical knowledge, expertise, र skills. The Board has created a program called the "Maintenance of Certification Program for Family Physicians" (MC-FP) which will require family physicians to continuously demonstrate proficiency in four areas of clinical practice: professionalism, self assessment/lifelong learning, cognitive expertise र performance in practice.
दुमी (राई)भाषा To be a name of Dumi has interesting hearsay. In ancient times the ancestors of Dumi gathered and settled in a place available of big stone and water near by Simpani village of North khotang. When they met said "Ingki dungki" . It means "we met". The term "Dungki " changed into "Dumki" and lastly "Dumki" to "Dumi" the term developed. The land where they gathered began to develop a village and called 'Dumidel.'. In this term Dumi is an inhabitant of Dumidel. The term 'del" means village in Dumi language. Dumidel also began to called Dumdel in later period. Dumdel means the village of Dumi community. In the same way Dumdel is called Dungkulu also. The term Dungkulu has different three meanings ie. Dung , ku and lu . Dung or dum means meeting point, ku means water resources place and lu means stone. Today also a big stone named Dungkulu and the water spring are available here. Today also in many old authentic government documents and papers the name of Dumdel is written everywhere.
समय क्षेत्र Earlier, time zones based their time on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, also called UT1), the mean solar time at longitude ०° (the Prime Meridian). But as a mean solar time, GMT is defined by the rotation of the Earth, which is not constant in rate. So, the rate of atomic clocks was annually changed or steered to closely match GMT. But on January 1, 1972 it became fixed, using predefined leap seconds instead of rate changes. This new time system is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Leap seconds are inserted to keep UTC within ०.९ seconds of UT१. In this way, local times continue to correspond approximately to mean solar time, while the effects of variations in Earth's rotation rate are confined to simple step changes that can be easily subtracted if a uniform time scale (International Atomic Time or TAI) is desired. With the implementation of UTC, nations began to use it in the definition of their time zones instead of GMT. As of २००५, most but not all nations have altered the definition of local time in this way (though many media outlets fail to make a distinction between GMT र UTC). Further change to the basis of time zones may occur if proposals to abandon leap seconds succeed.