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Article Example
हृदयेश त्रिपाठी
विकिपिडिया:विकिपिडियाका भातृ योजनाहरू Wikipedia encourages from Wikipedia articles to pages on sister projects when such links are likely to be useful to our readers, and to articles on foreign-language editions of Wikipedia whenever such links are possible.
विकिपिडिया:विकिपिडियाका भातृ योजनाहरू As with standard wikilinks to other Wikipedia articles, pages at sister projects are normally linked only once within an article.
विकिपिडिया:विकिपिडियाका भातृ योजनाहरू Sometimes an entry is more appropriate on Wiktionary than Wikipedia and can never be expanded beyond simple dictionary definition. Normally, such articles are copied to Wiktionary using process, and deleted from Wikipedia afterwards.
विकिपिडिया:चौतारी (प्राविधिक)/अभिलेख १ I purpose Reviewer user group for Nepali Wiki. Assigning this group membership to trustable user will make Articles more Qualitative. Most of the wiki have this user group already.
हृदयेश त्रिपाठी हृदयेश त्रिपाठी हृदयश त्रिपाठीको जन्म सन् १९५९ मा नवलपरासीमा भएको हो । उनी ३० वर्षदेखि नेपालको राजनीतिमा सक्रिय भएर काम गरदै छन् । हाल तराइ मधेश लोकतान्त्रिक पार्टीका संविधान सभासद तथा विभिन्न समयमा विभिन्न पार्टीहरूसित सम्बद्द भएका नेता हुन्.
विकिपिडिया:चौतारी (प्राविधिक)/अभिलेख १ Hello, It seems nepali wikipedia lacks active admins.There are several articles which are useless. I am also nepali from jhapa so I think it's my responsibility to contribute nepali wikipedia but I even cannot nominate an article for deletion due to absence of needed templates. So for this I think some admins should be increased who are active all the time in nepali wikipedia or english wikipedia. I am also active in english wikipedia and there are many others like me who are active in english wikipedia. So I think it's time to increase the fame of nepali wikipedia making best rules about article creation. And please increase admins as we have only 10 admins now. () ०३:०९, २ जुलाई २०१६ (युटिसी(UTC))