Top 10 similar words or synonyms for wife

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for wife

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ဂျင်မီဝေးလ်စ် His first wife, Pam, was quoted in a September 2008 "W" magazine article as saying that Wales, because he believed altruism was evil, discouraged her from pursuing a nursing degree when they were married: "His whole 'Mr. Save the World' is so contrary to what he said every day for seven years." Late in March 1997, Wales married his second wife, Christine, in Monroe County, Florida. They have a daughter named Kira and are separated. , Wales resided in the St. Petersburg, Florida, area.
Anti-folk ၂၀၀၀ ခုနှစ်တွင် label ကိုဗြိတိန်တွင် တည်ထောင်ခဲ့သည်။ အထူးသဖြင့် London Underground ဖြစ်ရပ်ဖြစ်ပြီး David Cronenberg’s Wife နှင့် The Bobby Mc Gee တို့ပါဝင်ခဲ့သည်။ UK ant-folk ဖြစ်ရပ်ကို အသိအမှတ်ပြုတည်ထောင်ခဲ့သည်။ ၂၀၀၇စက်တင်ဘာတွင် Plan B မဂ္ဂဇင်းတွင် စာမျက်နှာ ၆မျက်နှာခန့်ရေးသားဖော်ပြခဲ့သည်။ UK anti-folk ဖြစ်ရပ်ကို လန်ဒန်တွင်
အေဝမ်းတင်မောင် ၁၉၃၉ ခုနှစ်ထဲတွင် မောင်တင်မောင်သည် စာရေးဆရာသုခအား Film Fare မဂ္ဂဇင်းထဲက Toy Wife ကိုမှီး၍ "ချစ်အမျှ" ဇာတ်ညွှန်းကို ရေးခိုင်းသည်။ ယင်း "ချစ်အမျှ" ဇာတ်ကားကို ဒါရိုက်တာမောင်တင်မောင် ကိုယ်တိုင်ပါဝင်သရုပ်ဆောင်၍ မေရှင်၊ မေမြင့်၊ မြင့်ဆွေ၊ ဦးဘရှင်၊ ဦးဘိုးသောင်းတို့ဖြင့် ရိုက်ကူးသည်။ နောင်တွင် ဒါရိုက်တာထူးချွန်ဆုရှင် (၆) ထပ်ကွမ်းအကယ်ဒမီ ဆရာသုခသည် "ချစ်အမျှ" ကားရိုက်စဉ် ဒိုင်ယာလော့တွေ ချပေးရသည်။ ယခင်က အေဝမ်း၏မူအရ စကားလေးလေးတွဲ့တွဲ့ပြောသည်ကို အရပ်သုံးစကားဖြင့် ပြင်ဆင်ပြောစေသည်။ ဆရာသုခသည် "ချစ်အမျှ" ကားမှ စတင်၍ မောင်တင်မောင်ထံမှ ဒါရိုက်တာအတတ်ပညာသင်သဘောမျိုး ရိုက်ခဲ့သည်။ ထို့ကြောင့် ဆရာသုခသည် မိမိထက် တစ်နှစ်သာကြီးသောမောင်တင်မောင်အား မိမိ၏ရုပ်ရှင်ဆရာအဖြစ် သတ်မှတ်ခဲ့ခြင်းဖြစ်ပေသည်။
ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်တိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ Chen Shui-bian and his wife Wu Shu-jen, on August 15, 2008 resigned from the Democratic Progressive Party and apologized, thus: “Today I have to say sorry to all of the DPP members and supporters. I let everyone down, caused you humiliation and failed to meet your expectations. My acts have caused irreparable damage to the party. I love the DPP deeply and am proud of being a DPP member. To express my deepest regrets to all DPP members and supporters, I announce my withdrawal from the DPP immediately. My wife Wu Shu-jen is also withdrawing from the party.” DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen also apologized to the public on behalf of the party: “In regard to Chen and his wife’s decision to withdraw from the party and his desire to shoulder responsibility for his actions as well as to undergo an investigation by the party’s anti-corruption committee, we respect his decision and accept it.”
စတိဗ်ဂျော့စ် "We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today. Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts"
ဂျင်မီဝေးလ်စ် From 1994 to 2000, Wales was the research director at Chicago Options Associates, a futures and options trading firm in Chicago. By "speculating on interest rate and foreign-currency fluctuations," he had soon earned enough to "support himself and his wife for the rest of their lives," according to Daniel Pink of "Wired". During this time, one of the projects Wales undertook was the creation of the web portal Bomis which featured user-generated webrings and that, according to "The Atlantic Monthly", "found itself positioned as the Playboy of the Internet." For a time the company sold erotic photographs, and Wales described the site as a "guy-oriented search engine" with a similar market to "Maxim". Questions have arisen about the nature of its content. Bomis did not become successful, but in March 2000 hosted and provided the initial funding for the Nupedia project.
မြန်မာအမျိုးစောင့်ဥပဒေ The Matrimonial Law of Singapore is governed by two acts, the Muslim Marriages act (1966) which falls under the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) whereas the other is under the Women's Charter. Muslim marriages are solemnised and administered by the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) whereas the Civil Registry (ROM) governs the Women's Charter.Cross marriage of a Muslim man to non-Muslim is NOT allowed. The non-Muslim bride must go for CONVERSION course. Rigorous interviews are made to the groom to ensure that he is fit to guide the new convert as a wife and as a fellow Muslim. Non-Muslim groom marriages are allowed only after 1 year of proper conversion courses.