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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for where

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ပုဂ္ဂလိကပညာရေး - ဘယ်နေရာမှာ သင်မှာလဲ (Where)
စောရွှေဗိုလ် ၁။ English, English, English where
ဗွီ-၂ ဒုံးပျံ One replica was constructed for the Peenemünde Historical and Technical Information Centre where it is displayed near what remains of the factory where it was built.
ရေငုပ်သင်္ဘော ပထမကမ္ဘာစစ်ဖြစ်ပွားပွားခြင်းမှာပင် အီတလီရေတပ်သည် အီတလီ-တူရကီစစ်ပွဲ များတွင်လည်းကောင်း၊ ဂရိနိုင်ငံသည် ဘော်လကန်စစ်ပွဲများတွင်လည်းကောင်း ရေငုပ်သင်္ဘောများကိုအသုံးပြုခဲ့ကြသည်။ ပြင်သစ်တို့တည်ဆောက်သော , where notably the French-built ဂရိရေငုပ်သင်္ဘောဒယ်လ်ဖင် သည် ပထမဆုံးတော်ပီဒိုပစ်လွှတ်နိုင်သောရေငုပ်သင်္ဘောဖြစ်သည်။
ဧရိယာ where when "i"="n"-1, then "i"+1 is expressed as modulus "n" and so refers to 0.
မြန်မာဘာသာစကား In many Burmese words, ဓနိတနှင့် သိထိလအက္ခရာ indicate active or passive voice in verbs. Examples include the verb "cook," where the aspirated version () means "cook," while the unaspirated () means "to be cooked." Another example is "lessen," where the aspirated version () means "lessen" while the unaspirated version () means "to lessen."
မန္တလေး နန်းတော် In the east room is the Bee Throne (Bhamarasana), so called because it was adorned with figures of bees in the small niches at the bottom of the pedestal. This was where the ceremony for the nomination of the Chief Queen and the Royal nuptial were held. It was also where the king and queen celebrated the Burmese New Year, and where the formal ear piercing of young princesses took place. The body of King Mindon was laid out in this room for viewing after his death in 1878.
ဟေလီယိုစဖီးယား Going outward from the Sun, the termination shock is followed by the heliopause, where solar wind particles are stopped by the interstellar medium.
ဖီးလ် နိုက်တ် 3. In 2002, နိုက်တ်purchased Will Vinton (Animation) Studios, where his son, Travis, worked as an animator, and changed the name to LAIKA.
အပိုလို ၁၁ After touchdown on the Hornet, the astronauts exited the helicopter, leaving the flight surgeon and three crewmen. The helicopter was then lowered into hangar bay #2 where the astronauts walked the 30 feet (9.1 m) to the Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF) where they would begin their 21 days of quarantine. This practice would continue for two more Apollo missions, Apollo 12 and Apollo 14, before the Moon was proven to be barren of life and the quarantine process dropped.[50][51]