Top 10 similar words or synonyms for therefore

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for therefore

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ရုရှားနိုင်ငံရှိ အချိန်ဇုန်များ The change occurred during DST effectively changing the offset from UTC+8 to UTC+7, the offset without DST was therefore changed from UTC+7 to UTC+6.
ဓာတ်ငွေ့ဂြိုဟ်ဘီလူးများ Unlike the other gas giants, Uranus has an extreme tilt that causes its seasons to be severely pronounced. The two planets have other subtle but important differences. Uranus has more hydrogen and helium than Neptune, despite being less massive overall. Neptune is therefore denser and has much more internal heat, and a more active atmosphere. The Nice model in fact suggests that Neptune formed closer to the Sun than Uranus did, and would therefore have more heavy elements.
UTC+14:00 Tonga – IANA time zone database zone name Pacific/Tongatapu – used UTC+14 for daylight saving time from 1999 to 2002, and therefore celebrated new year 2000 at the same time as the Line Islands in Kiribati.
Wp:wikilinks In addition, putting URLs in plain text with no markup automatically produces a link, for example codice_16 → . However, this feature may disappear in a future release. Therefore, in cases where you wish to display the URL because it is intrinsically valuable information, it is better to use the short form of the URL (host name) as the optional text: codice_17 produces .
ဗွီ-၁ ဗုံးပျံ To adjust and correct settings in the V-1 guidance system, the Germans needed to know where the V-1s were landing. Therefore, German intelligence was requested to obtain this impact data from their agents in Britain. However, most German agents in Britain had been turned, and were acting as double agents under British control.
ဘီ-၂၉ ဗုံးကြဲလေယာဉ် In addition to the logistic problems associated with operations from China, the B-29 could only reach a limited part of Japan while flying from Chinese bases. The solution to this problem was to capture the Mariana Islands, which would bring targets such as Tokyo, about 1,500 mi (2,400 km) north of the Marianas within range of B-29 attacks. It was therefore agreed in December 1943 to seize the Marianas.
ဓာတ်ငွေ့ဂြိုဟ်ဘီလူးများ ဓာတ်ငွေ့ဂြိုဟ်ဘီလူးများသည် အခဲမျက်နှာပြင်မရှိဟုဆိုနိုင်သည်။ Gas giants are commonly said to lack solid surfaces, but it is closer to the truth to say that they lack surfaces altogether since the gases that make them up simply become thinner and thinner with increasing distance from the planets' centers, eventually becoming indistinguishable from the interplanetary medium. Therefore landing on a gas giant may or may not be possible, depending on the size and composition of its core.
ဗော့စတော့ ၁ ခရီးစဉ်တစ်ခုလုံးကို အလိုအလျောက်ထိန်းချုပ်စနစ်ဖြင့် သို့မဟုတ်မြေပြင်စခန်းမှထိန်းချုပ်မည်ဖြစ်သည်။ This was because medical staff and spacecraft engineers were unsure how a human might react to weightlessness, and therefore it was decided to lock the pilot's manual controls. In an unusual move, a code to unlock the controls was placed in an onboard envelope, for Gagarin's use in case of emergency. But prior to the flight, Kamanin told Gagarin the code anyway.
ဝါနာဗွန်ဘရောင်း According to André Sellier, a French historian and survivor of the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp, Himmler had von Braun come to his Hochwald HQ in East Prussia in February 1944. To increase his power-base within the Nazi régime, Heinrich Himmler was conspiring to use Kammler to gain control of all German armament programs, including the V-2 program at Peenemünde. He therefore recommended that von Braun work more closely with Kammler to solve the problems of the V-2. Von Braun claimed to have replied that the problems were merely technical and he was confident that they would be solved with Dornberger's assistance.
ဝါဒဖြန့်ခြင်း A 1578 handbook for inquisitors spelled out the purpose of inquisitorial penalties: "... quoniam punitio non refertur primo & per se in correctionem & bonum eius qui punitur, sed in bonum publicum ut alij terreantur, & a malis committendis avocentur." Translation from the Latin: "... for punishment does not take place primarily and "per se" for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit". Therefore the purpose was truly propaganda in the modern sense.