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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for suit

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ဗော့စတော့ ၁ A farmer and her daughter observed the strange scene of a figure in a bright orange suit with a large white helmet landing near them by parachute. Gagarin later recalled, "When they saw me in my space suit and the parachute dragging alongside as I walked, they started to back away in fear. I told them, don't be afraid, I am a Soviet citizen like you, who has descended from space and I must find a telephone to call Moscow!"
အပိုလို ၁၁ ကမ္ဘာ့ဆွဲအား၏ ၁/၆ သာရှိသော လဆွဲအားအောက်တွင်လှုပ်ရှားရသည်မှာ အတုပြုလုပ်လေ့ကျင့်ခဲ့သည်ထက်ပိုမိုလွယ်ကူကြောင်း၊ လှည့်လည်သွားလာရန်အတွက်မည်သည့်လုံးဝအခက်အခဲမရှိကြောင်း အမ်းစထရောင်းကဆိုသည်။ [27] Aldrin joined him on the surface and tested methods for moving around, including two-footed kangaroo hops. The PLSS backpack created a tendency to tip backwards, but neither astronaut had serious problems maintaining balance. Loping became the preferred method of movement. The astronauts reported that they needed to plan their movements six or seven steps ahead. The fine soil was quite slippery. Aldrin remarked that moving from sunlight into Eagle's shadow produced no temperature change inside the suit, though the helmet was warmer in sunlight, so he felt cooler in shadow.[27]
အပိုလို ၁၁ Aldrin entered Eagle first. With some difficulty the astronauts lifted film and two sample boxes containing more than 22 kilograms (49 lb) of lunar surface material to the LM hatch using a flat cable pulley device called the Lunar Equipment Conveyor. Armstrong reminded Aldrin of a bag of memorial items in his suit pocket sleeve, and Aldrin tossed the bag down; Armstrong then jumped to the ladder's third rung and climbed into the LM. After transferring to LM life support, the explorers lightened the ascent stage for return to lunar orbit by tossing out their PLSS backpacks, lunar overshoes, one Hasselblad camera, and other equipment. They then pressurized the LM, and settled down to sleep.[42]
မီယာအာကာသစခန်း Lucid's stay aboard "Mir" ended with the flight of "Atlantis" on [[STS-79]], which launched on 16 September. This, the fourth docking, saw [[John Blaha]] transferring onto "Mir" to take his place as resident U.S. astronaut. His stay on the station improved operations in several areas, including transfer procedures for a docked space shuttle, "hand-over" procedures for long duration American crew members and "ham" [[amateur radio]] communications, and also saw two spacewalks to reconfigure the station's power grid. In all, Blaha spent four months with the EO-22 crew before returning to Earth aboard "Atlantis" on [[STS-81]] in January 1997, at which point he was replaced by [[physician]] [[Jerry Linenger]]. During his flight, Linenger became the first American to conduct a spacewalk from a foreign space station and the first to test the Russian-built [[Orlan space suit|Orlan-M]] spacesuit alongside Russian cosmonaut [[Vasili Tsibliyev]], flying [[Mir EO-23|EO-23]]. All three crew members of EO-23 performed a "fly-around" in [[Soyuz TM-25]] spacecraft. Linenger and his Russian crewmates Vasili Tsibliyev and [[Aleksandr Lazutkin]] faced several difficulties during the mission, including the most severe fire aboard an orbiting spacecraft (caused by a malfunctioning [[ISS ECLSS#Vika|"Vika"]]), failures of various on board systems, a near collision with [[Progress M-33]] during a long-distance TORU test and a total loss of station electrical power. The power failure also caused a loss of [[attitude control]], which led to an uncontrolled "tumble" through space.