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ကျန်းကျားကျဲသဘာဝဥယျာဉ် The city itself used to be named Dayong (大庸), and has a recorded history dating back to 221 BC.
Lo-Fi music သည်။ The Beach Boy ၏ Smiley Smile(၁၉၆၇) wild honey(၁၉၆၇)နှင့် Friends (၁၉၆၀) တို့သည် lo-fi album များဖြစ်ပြီး Brian Wison’s makeshift home studio တွင်မှတ်တမ်းတင်ခဲ့သည်။ နောက်ပိုင်းတွင် home-recorded album များဖြစ်သော Bedroom Tapes, JW Farquhar၏ home-recorded ၁၉၇၃ album “The Formal Female’ ထွက်ရှိလာပြီး R.Stevie Moor နှင့် Jundek တို့၏ ရှေ့တော်ပြေးဖြစ်လာခဲ့သည်။
ဗော့စတော့ ၁ ထိုအတောအတွင်း ဂါဂါရင်က ရေဒီယိုမှသီချင်းဖွင့်ပေးရန်တောင်းဆိုသည်။ Sergei Korolev was very nervous in the lead up to the launch; he experienced chest pains, and took a pill to calm his heart. Gagarin, on the other hand, was described as calm; about half an hour before launch his pulse was recorded at 64 beats per minute.
ဂျွန်အွန်ဂျီ Jung has collaborated with various artists for OSTs and promotional songs. For the project "A Cube for Season #Green", Jung Eun-ji and fellow Cube artist Yang Yo-seob, sang the duet track "Love Day." In August 2012, Jung recorded two promotional singles, "All For You" and "Our Love Like This" with "Reply 1997" co-star Seo In-guk for the drama's soundtrack.
ဗွီ-၂ ဒုံးပျံ While interned after the war by the British at CSDIC camp 11, Dornberger was recorded saying that he had begged the Führer to stop the V-weapon propaganda, because nothing more could be expected from one ton of explosive. To this Hitler had replied that Dornberger might not expect more but he certainly did.
ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး, later Happy Giant, Jahre Viking and Knock Nevis, was a ULCC supertanker and the longest ship ever built. She possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded. Fully laden, her displacement was , the heaviest ship of any kind, and with a draft of , she was incapable of navigating the English Channel, the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal. Overall, she was generally considered the largest ship ever built, as well as the largest self-propelled man made object ever built. She was last used as a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO) moored off the coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf at the Al Shaheen Oil Field.
အပိုလို ၁၁ The astronauts planned placement of the Early Apollo Scientific Experiment Package (EASEP)[23] and the U.S. flag by studying their landing site through Eagle's twin triangular windows, which gave them a 60° field of view. Preparation required longer than the two hours scheduled. Armstrong initially had some difficulties squeezing through the hatch with his Portable Life Support System (PLSS). According to veteran moon-walker John Young, a redesign of the LM to incorporate a smaller hatch had not been followed by a redesign of the PLSS backpack, so some of the highest heart rates recorded from Apollo astronauts occurred during LM egress and ingress.[24][25]
စန်ကာကူကျွန်းအငြင်းပွားမှု According to Chinese claims,[20] the islands, known to China at least since 1372,[26] had been repeatedly referred to as part of Chinese territory since 1534,[26] and later controlled by the Qing Dynasty along with Taiwan.[20] The earliest written record of Diaoyutai dates back to 1403 in a Chinese book Voyage with the Tail Wind (zh:順風相送),[27] which recorded the names of the islands that voyagers had passed on a trip from Fujian to the Ryukyu Kingdom.[11]
မြန်မာဘုရင့်တပ်မတော် The main weaponry of the infantry largely consisted of swords, spears and bow and arrows down to the late 19th century although the use of firearms steadily increased starting from the late 14th century. The infantry units were supported by cavalry and elephantry corps. War elephants in particular were the heavily sought after as they were used to charge the enemy, trampling them and breaking their ranks. Elephantry and cavalry units were used in warfare down to the 19th century. Encounters with Burmese war elephants were recorded by the Mongols in their late 13th century invasions of Burma.
ကျန်းကျားကျဲသဘာဝဥယျာဉ် These sparks of culture in the fashioning of stone tools and pottery truly cast its wonderful light on the civilization of this region; however, it endured but a short while and then passed off the scene into the endless stream of history. This seems understandable in view of Zhangjiajie’s remote geographical position, its undeveloped land and river transportation, its mountainous terrain making cultivation difficult, and its overall backwardness. For these reasons, Zhangjiajie has been labeled “ the Land of the Savage Southern Minority” since the dawn of recorded history. Also, the people here have borne the names of “Wuling Rude People” and “Tujia Rude People” for generations.