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ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး In 2004, she was purchased by First Olsen Tankers Pte. Ltd., renamed "Knock Nevis", and converted into a permanently moored storage tanker in the Qatar Al Shaheen oil field in the Persian Gulf.
ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး, later Happy Giant, Jahre Viking and Knock Nevis, was a ULCC supertanker and the longest ship ever built. She possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded. Fully laden, her displacement was , the heaviest ship of any kind, and with a draft of , she was incapable of navigating the English Channel, the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal. Overall, she was generally considered the largest ship ever built, as well as the largest self-propelled man made object ever built. She was last used as a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO) moored off the coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf at the Al Shaheen Oil Field.