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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for necessary

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ဧကန်မုချဖြစ်ခြင်းနှင့် လုံလောက်ခြင်း ကျိုးကြောင်းပြ အဆို (conditional statement) တစ်ခုတွင် ဧကန်မုချ အကျိုးရလဒ် (necessary condition) ဟူသည်မှာ "ပေးထားချက်များမှန်ပါက မလွှဲမသွေ ဧကန်မုချ မှန်ကိုမှန်ရမည့် အဆို" ဖြစ်သည်။
ကျူးဘားဒုံးပျံအရေးအခင်း At 12:12 am EDT, on October 27, the US informed its NATO allies that "the situation is growing shorter... the United States may find it necessary within a very short time in its interest and that of its fellow nations in the Western Hemisphere to take whatever military action may be necessary." To add to the concern, at 6 am the CIA reported that all missiles in Cuba were ready for action.
ဆေးဝါးဗေဒ 298. Liquid Paraffin ဝမ်းနုပ်ဆေးအဆီ၊ Adults: 7.5-15 ml; Children 5 to 12: 5-10 ml; Children 2 to 5: 2.5-5 ml HS with water and if necessary, again in the morning or as required
မြန်မာအက္ခရာ Specific consonants (a final and the following consonant), when placed next to one another, may be stacked, with the final placed underneath the consonant. They are considered ligatures, and are typically used to abbreviate, but are not necessary and are primarily used to denote Pali or Sanskrit origin.
ဧကန်မုချဖြစ်ခြင်းနှင့် လုံလောက်ခြင်း အဆို က နှင့် အဆို ခ ဟူ၍ အဆိုနှစ်ခု ရှိသည်ဆိုပါစို့။ အဆို က မှန်လျှင် အဆို ခ မှန်ကို မှန်ရမည် (သင်္ကေတအားဖြင့် အဆို က formula_8 အဆို ခ) ဖြစ်ပါက အဆို ခ ကို အဆို က ၏ ဧကန်မုချ အကျိုးရလဒ် (necessary condition) ဟု ခေါ်သည်။ တနည်းဆို သော် အဆို ခ သည် အဆို က ၏ ဧကန်မုချ အကျိုး ဖြစ်သည်။
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ဗဟိုခွာအား In an inertial frame, an object that has no forces acting on it travels in a straight line, according to Newton's first law. When measurements are made with respect to a rotating reference frame, however, the same object would have a curved path, because the frame of reference is rotating. If it is desired to apply Newton's laws in the rotating frame, it is necessary to introduce new, fictitious, forces to account for this curved motion.
ကျူးဘားဒုံးပျံအရေးအခင်း On October 25 at 1:45 am EDT, Kennedy responded to Khrushchev's telegram, stating that the United States was forced into action after receiving repeated assurances that no offensive missiles were being placed in Cuba, and that when these assurances proved to be false, the deployment "required the responses I have announced... I hope that your government will take necessary action to permit a restoration of the earlier situation."
ဆေတန် ၅ ဒုံးပျံ On January 10, 1962, NASA announced plans to build the C-5. The three-stage rocket would consist of five F-1 engines for the first stage, five J-2 engines for the second stage, and a single, additional J-2 engine for the third stage. The C-5 was designed for the higher payload capacity necessary for a lunar mission, and could carry up to to the Moon.
မြန်မာဘုရင့်တပ်မတော် Directly below the generals were the local chiefs and their deputies who commanded the regiment commanders. The use of local chiefs was a necessary element of the army's organizational structure especially in Toungoo and Konbaung eras because the army was made up of levies from all parts of the empire. Shan sawbwas (chiefs) and Mon commanders routinely led their own regiments throughout the imperial era. Outstanding ethnic commanders also led larger operations and even entire campaigns, especially in Ava and Toungoo periods (14th to 18th centuries). (King Bayinnaung's best and most relied upon general Binnya Dala was an ethnic Mon while many Shan sawbwas led multi-regiment armies throughout Toungoo and Konbaung eras.)