Top 10 similar words or synonyms for jinghong

zìzhìzhōu    0.911366

changsha    0.910151

autonomous    0.908423

province    0.897074

located    0.885616

leaf    0.885570

shenzhen    0.885081

building    0.884939

prabang    0.883608

begins    0.883176

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for jinghong

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သောက္ကတဲ Prior to the 13th century, Tai kingdoms had existed on the northern highlands including the Ngoenyang (centered on Chiang Saen; predecessor of Lanna) kingdom and the Heokam (centered on Chiang Hung, modern Jinghong in China) kingdom of Tai Lue people. Sukhothai had been a trade center and part of Lavo, which was under the domination of the Khmer Empire. The migration of Tai people into upper Chao Phraya valley was somewhat gradual.