Top 10 similar words or synonyms for interacting

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for interacting

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Article Example
NGC 317 NGC 317 သည် ကြယ်စုတန်း အင်ဒရိုမီဒါမှ interacting
NGC 85 ၁၈၇၃ ခုနှစ်တွင် Ralph Copeland ဆိုသူမှ ရှာဖွေတွေ့ရှိခဲ့သည်။ The galaxy appears to be interacting with the companion spiral IC 1546.
NGC 23 Bright, extended ellipse; a bright nuclear structure is noticeably elongated; two weak spiral enhancements emerge from opposite sides of the nucleus, one curving towards a bright star attached on the south end. The galaxy is likely interacting with NGC 9.
ဟေလီယိုစဖီးယား According to one hypothesis, there exists a region of hot hydrogen known as the hydrogen wall between the bow shock and the heliopause. The wall is composed of interstellar material interacting with the edge of the heliosphere.
ထရိုင်ဂူလယ် (ကြယ်စုတန်း) In addition to M33, there are several NGC galaxies of visual magnitudes 12 to 14. The largest of these include the 10 arcminute long magnitude 12 NGC 925 spiral galaxy and the 5 arcminute long magnitude 11.6 NGC 672 barred spiral galaxy. The latter is close by and appears to be interacting with IC 1727. The two are 88,000 light-years apart and lie around 18 million light-years away. These two plus another four nearby dwarf irregular galaxies constitute the NGC 672 group, and all six appear to have had a burst of star formation in the last ten million years. The group is thought connected to another group of six galaxies known as the NGC 784 group, named for its principal galaxy, the barred spiral NGC 784. Together with two isolated dwarf galaxies, these fourteen appear to be moving in a common direction and constitute a group possibly located on a dark matter filament. 3C 48 was the first quasar ever to be observed, although its true identity was not uncovered until after that of 3C 273 in 1963. It has an apparent magnitude of 16.2 and is located about 5 degrees northwest of Alpha Trianguli.