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provided    0.983909

includes    0.980681

sector    0.980650

radar    0.980616

include    0.979897

gave    0.978763

dominance    0.978503

various    0.977494

experiment    0.977479

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for including

Article Example
ရှိန်းကျိန့်မြို့ Shenzhen is served by a variety of daily newspapers, including the "Shenzhen Daily"
ရှောက်စန်းမြို့ Shaoshan City administers two towns (镇/鎮) and six rural towns (乡/鄉) including:
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အို (အက္ခရာ) and all encodings based on ASCII, including the DOS, Windows, ISO-8859 and Macintosh families of encodings.
ချန်ဆားမြို့ Changsha is surrounded by major rivers, including the Xiangjiang, the Liuyanghe, and the Laodaohe. Ships transport mainly goods from Xianing port located in North Changsha domestically and internationally.
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စန်ကာကူကျွန်းအငြင်းပွားမှု Regarding Japan's argument about the 1958 People's Daily, Jin Canrong, a professor at Renmin University of China thinks that the article, which is anonymous, implys that Ryukyu Islands should be a sovereign state, also independent from Japan.[30] Other Chinese commentators, including a government research institution run by a retired People's Armed Police general,[31] extend the Chinese claim to the entire Ryukyu chain, including Okinawa.[32]
ရှိန်းကျိန့်မြို့ In recent years, the East Coast (shoreline) of Shenzhen has attracted more and more tourists, including backpackers. One of the most famous beaches is Xichong in the south of Dapeng Peninsula.
ကျူးဘားဒုံးပျံအရေးအခင်း The US had no plan in place because US intelligence had been convinced that the Soviets would never install nuclear missiles in Cuba. The EXCOMM quickly discussed several possible courses of action, including:
ဆေတန် ၅ ဒုံးပျံ The performance of each Saturn V launch was extensively analyzed and a Launch Evaluation Report produced for each mission, including a thrust/time graph for each vehicle stage on each mission.