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bong    0.984885

choi    0.984440

jtbc    0.983907

says    0.983437

weightlifting    0.982232

wook    0.981637

baek    0.981508

taecyeon    0.980291

messerschmitt    0.979676

competition    0.979642

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ဂျွန်အွန်ဂျီ On 18 April 2016 (the day before Apink's 5th anniversary), Jung debuted as a solo artist with the mini-album "Dream" which consisted of 6 songs. The title song is "Hopefully Sky" (feat. Hareem) and she also released a piano version of it. Jung also took part in the composing and lyrics in the mini-album.
ဘရောက်ဆာ စစ်ပွဲများ During December 2009 and January 2010, "StatCounter" reported that its statistics indicated that Firefox 3.5 was the most popular browser, when counting individual browser versions, passing Internet Explorer 7 and 8 by a small margin. This was the first time a global statistic has reported that a non-Internet Explorer browser version had exceeded the top Internet Explorer version in usage share since the fall of Netscape Navigator. This feat, which GeekSmack called the "dethron[ing of] Microsoft and its Internet Explorer 7 browser," could largely be attributed to the fact that it came at a time when version 8 was replacing version 7 as the dominant Internet Explorer version. No more than two months later Internet Explorer 8 had established itself as the most popular browser version, a position which it still held as of March 2011. It should also be noted that other major statistics, such as Net Applications, never reported any non-Internet Explorer browser version as having a higher usage share than the most popular Internet Explorer version, although Firefox 3.5 was reported as the third most popular browser version between December 2009 and February 2010, to be replaced by Firefox 3.6 since April 2010, each ahead of Internet Explorer 7 and behind Internet Explorer 6 and 8.