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additional    0.988200

included    0.985999

магазин    0.984125

includes    0.983042

provided    0.983027

changes    0.982607

asw    0.982183

passive    0.982129

removed    0.982127

produces    0.981264

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Article Example
မိုက်ခရိုဆော့ဖ် For the first time in 20 years Apple Inc. surpassed Microsoft in Q1 2011 quarterly profits and revenues due to a slowdown in PC sales and continuing huge losses in Microsoft's Online Services Division (which contains its search engine Bing). Microsoft profits were $5.2 billion, while Apple Inc. profits were $6 billion, on revenues of $14.5 billion and $24.7 billion respectively.
ဆေးဝါးဗေဒ 464. Varogel has a strong antacid capacity, selective protective action of Gastric mucosa skin, activity control action of pepsin and gas ellimination in stomach. And helps to recover the function of demaged stomach. Each 100ml contains Aluminium hydroxide gel 45.96g + Magnesium hydroxide 30% paste 26.68g + Simethicone 30% emulsion 2.66g. Indications = Hyperacidity, sour stomach, gastric discomfort, stomach heaviness, nausea, vomiting, gastralgia, sour vomiting, elimination of gas. Shake-well, 10ml four times daily
ဆိုယုဇ်အာကာသယာဉ် The forepart of the spacecraft is the orbital module (Russian: бытовой отсек (БО); "Bytovoi otsek" (BO)), also known as Habitation section. It houses all the equipment that will not be needed for reentry, such as experiments, cameras or cargo. The module also contains a toilet, docking avionics and communications gear. Internal volume is 6 m³, living space 5 m³. On the latest Soyuz versions (since Soyuz TM), a small window was introduced, providing the crew with a forward view.
ရှိန်းကျိန့်မြို့ The tallest building in Shenzhen is now Kingkey 100, which rises to and contains 100 floors for office space and a hotel. It is currently the tallest building in Shenzhen as well as one of the tallest buildings in southern China. Shenzhen is also the home to the world's 14th tallest building, the Shun Hing Square (Diwang Building). The city has 23 buildings over , mostly concentrated in Luohu and Futian districts. The second tallest building in Shenzhen is SEG Plaza at a height of 356 meters (292 meters to roof-top), located in the popular electronics district of Hua Qiang Bei.
ဆိုယုဇ်အာကာသယာဉ် At the back of the vehicle is the service module (Russian: "приборно-агрегатный отсек (ПАО)"; Priborno-Agregatnyi Otsek (PAO)). It has a pressurized container shaped like a bulging can ("Instrumentation compartment, PO (Priborniy Otsek") that contains systems for temperature control, electric power supply, long-range radio communications, radio telemetry, and instruments for orientation and control. A non-pressurized part of the service module ("Propulsion compartment, AO (Agregatniy Otsek)") contains the main engine and a liquid-fuelled propulsion system for maneuvering in orbit and initiating the descent back to Earth. The ship also has a system of low-thrust engines for orientation, attached to the Intermediate compartment ("PkhO or Perekhodnoi Otsek"). Outside the service module are the sensors for the orientation system and the solar array, which is oriented towards the sun by rotating the ship. An incomplete separation between the Service and Reentry modules led to emergency situations during Soyuz 5, Soyuz TMA-10 and Soyuz TMA-11, which led to an incorrect reentry orientation (crew ingress hatch first). The failure of several explosive bolts did not cut the connection between the Service/Reentry modules on the latter two flights.
လက်ပ်တော့ပ် ကွန်ပျူတာ A docking station (sometimes referred to simply as a "dock") is a laptop accessory that contains multiple ports, and in some cases expansion slots and/or bays for fixed or removable drives. A laptop connects and disconnects to a docking station, typically through a single large proprietary connector. A docking station is an especially popular laptop accessory in a corporate computing environment, due to a possibility of a docking station to transform a laptop into a full-featured desktop replacement, yet allowing for its easy release. This ability can be advantageous to "road warrior" employees who have to travel frequently for work, and yet who also come into the office. If more ports are needed, or their position on a laptop is inconvenient, one can use a cheaper passive device known as a port replicator. These devices mate to the connectors on the laptop, such as through USB or FireWire.