Top 10 similar words or synonyms for among

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for among

Article Example
ချင်းသမိုင်း Politics among the Chin People စာအုပ်တွင် အခိုင်အမာ ရေးသားခဲ့သည်။
အိုလာဟင်ဆမ် The Kachins, Their Customs and Traditions (Rangoon, 1913) and Missionary Pioneers among the Kachins (New York, 1922).
ကျူးဘားဒုံးပျံအရေးအခင်း The EXCOMM agreed that the missiles would affect the "political" balance. First, Kennedy had explicitly promised the American people less than a month before the crisis that "if Cuba should possess a capacity to carry out offensive actions against the United States...the United States would act." Second, US credibility among their allies, and among the American people, would be damaged if they allowed the Soviet Union to "appear" to redress the strategic balance by placing missiles in Cuba. Kennedy explained after the crisis that "it would have politically changed the balance of power. It would have appeared to, and appearances contribute to reality."
ဓာတ်ငွေ့ဂြိုဟ်ဘီလူးများ Among extrasolar planets, Hot Jupiters are gas giants that orbit very close to their stars and thus have a very high surface temperature. Hot Jupiters are currently the most common form of extrasolar planet known, perhaps due to the relative ease of detecting them.
ဓမ္မပဒ 59. of the road a lotus flower may grow and blossom with its pure fragrance giving joy to the soul, in the same way among the people like rubbish shines the light of wisdom of the disciple who follows the Buddha, the one who is truly enlightened.
ဘောလုံး လူရမ်းကားဝါဒ ဘောလုံးလူရမ်းကားများ အကြောင်းကို I.D., The Firm, Cass, The Football Factory, Green Street,Rise of the Footsoldier နှင့် Awaydays စသော ရုပ်ရှင်ဇာတ်ကားများက ခြယ်မှုန်းပြသ ကြသည်။ The Football Factory နှင့် Among the Thugs ကဲ့သို့သော ဘောလုံးလူရမ်းကားများ အကြောင်း ရေးသားထားသော စာအုပ်များလည်း ရှိသေးသည်။ အချို့သော ဝေဖန်ရေးသမားများက ထိုသို့သော မီဒီယာများသည် အကြမ်းဖက်မှုနှင့် ဘောလုံးလူရမ်းကားများ၏ လူနေမှုဘဝ ပုံစံကို စွဲမက်ဖွယ်ဖြစ်အောင် ကိုယ်စားပြု နေကြသည်ဟု ဝေဖန်ကြသည်။
သောက္ကတဲ The Silajaruek Sukhothai are hundreds of stone inscriptions that form a historical record of the period. Among the most important inscriptions are Silajaruek Pho Khun Ramkhamhaeng (Stone Inscription of King Ramkhamhaeng), Silajaruek Wat Srichum (an account on history of the region itself and of Srilanka), and Silajaruek Wat Pamamuang (a Politico-Religious record of King Loethai).
ရုရှားသဒ္ဒါ Despite the inflexional nature of Russian there is no equivalent in the modern language to the English nominative absolute or the Latin ablative absolute construction. The old language had an absolute construction, with the noun put into the dative. Like so many other archaisms, it is retained in Church Slavonic. Among the last known examples in literary Russian occurs in Radishchev's "Journey from Petersburg to Moscow" ("Путешествие из Петербурга в Москву" ), 1790:
ရှိန်းကျိန့်မြို့ In 2010, the GDP reached a record high of 951 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7% over 2009. Shenzhen's economic output is ranked fourth among the 659 Chinese cities (behind Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou), and it is comparable to that of a medium sized province in China. In 2010, Shenzhen's GDP per capita was 95,000 yuan (US$14,615), making it one of the richest of all Chinese cities.
ဝါနာဗွန်ဘရောင်း On June 20, 1945, the U.S. Secretary of State approved the transfer of von Braun and his specialists to America; however this was not announced to the public until October 1, 1945. Von Braun was among those scientists for whom the U.S. Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency created false employment histories and expunged Nazi Party memberships and regime affiliations from the public record. Once “bleached” of their Nazism, the US Government granted the scientists security clearance to work in the United States.