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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for yuto

Article Example
Хөлбөмбөгийн ДАШТ-2010 E хэсэг The first clear chance of the game came from midfielder Wesley Sneijder when he shot over the bar from long-range from a free-kick. When Япон broke up the Нидерланд' passing, midfielder Daisuke Matsui was positive; helping a move that set Yuto Nagatomo up for a shot that he hit wide. The Нидерланд became frustrated, as they struggled to incorporate forward Robin van Persie. Towards the end of the first half, Япон had two chances: defender Tulio Tanaka heading wide and Matsui with a powerful shot at the goalkeeper.
Хөлбөмбөгийн ДАШТ-2010 E хэсэг Throughout the second half, Van Persie managed to break free twice. In the 52 minute, as the ball came into the penalty area, Van Persie moved the ball towards Sneijder, who shot the ball powerfully towards the goal, scoring via a deflection from the goalkeeper, Eiji Kawashima. Substitute Shunsuke Nakamura later managed to make a cross into the six-yard box, which was cleared by Van Persie. Dutch substitute Eljero Elia, managed to set up Ibrahim Afellay with a one-on-one with goalkeeper Kawashima, but Kawashima prevented him from scoring a goal. One minute before the end of the game, Shinji Okazaki missed a shot from ; shooting over the bar. Soon after this, Yuto Nagatomo went down in the penalty area claiming a penalty, from a challenge by Dutch Nigel de Jong, but the referee gave no penalty.