Top 10 similar words or synonyms for would

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for would

Article Example
Эйлерийн арга we would like to use the Euler method to approximate formula_25.
Жибли студи In August 1996, Disney and Tokuma Shoten Publishing agreed that Disney would distribute international Tokuma's Studio Ghibli animated films.
Хөлбөмбөгийн ДАШТ-2010 E хэсэг The result, which was the Нидерланд' second win, meant they would progress past the group stages regardless of their final match.
Жибли студи Sunday, September 1, 2013, Hayao Miyazaki held a press conference in Venice, confirming his retirement saying: “I know I’ve said I would retire many times in the past. Many of you must think, `Once again.’ But this time I am quite serious..." Now it is time for Hayao's son, Goro Miyazaki, to take the torch and follow in his father's footsteps.
Улсын утасны кодуудын жагсаалт CCITT, the predecessor of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T), developed the first formal list of telephone country codes. This list was included in the "1964 CCITT Blue Book", among other international telecommunication recommendations, which would eventually become ITU-T recommendation E.164.
Шри Шри Рави Шанкар The South Asian Forum for Peace was launched in November 2016 at a conference titled "Kashmir Back to Paradise" in Jammu. According to Ravi Shankar, 90% of people in Kashmir want peace but are neglected. He added, “The solution to the Kashmir problem can only come from the Kashmiris". This forum would bring together eight South Asian countries to cooperate and work in areas such as entrepreneurship, skill development, cultural exchange, educational partnerships and women empowerment initiatives among others.
Амэ Юүки хоёр бэлтрэг At a press conference held on 18 June 2012, the director Mamoru Hosoda announced that "Wolf Children" would be released in 34 different countries and territories. This film was first released in France on June 25, 2012, marking its international debut. It was subsequently released in Japan on July 21, 2012. The film made its US premiere at the 2012 Hawaii International Film Festival. The film's Blu-ray and DVD release date for Japan has been confirmed for February 20, 2013.
Маркус Перссон He has criticized both piracy as well as the stance of large game companies on piracy and he is a member of the Swedish Pirate Party. Persson is an atheist, and cited his theological and moral views as one of the principal donors to Médecins Sans Frontières during the Thanksgiving charity event of 2011. Under his direction, Mojang contributed a week to developing "Catacomb Snatch" for the Humble Bundle Mojam, for which the $458,248.99 raised would be donated to charity.
Forge of Empires To buy buildings, players must spend coins and supplies, and then place it where they would like it within their city. They can move the buildings later, during renovations of their city, or when progressing past the Colonial age, at which time the size of some buildings (such as residental) becomes bigger. (In the case of residential buildings, before the Industrial age, they are 2x2, but after, they are 2x3 or larger.)
Усны эрчим хүч Small hydro stations may be connected to conventional electrical distribution networks as a source of low-cost renewable energy. Alternatively, small hydro projects may be built in isolated areas that would be uneconomic to serve from a network, or in areas where there is no national electrical distribution network. Since small hydro projects usually have minimal reservoirs and civil construction work, they are seen as having a relatively low environmental impact compared to large hydro. This decreased environmental impact depends strongly on the balance between stream flow and power production.