Top 10 similar words or synonyms for through

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for through

Article Example
Microsoft Access Access нь мөн "pass-through query"-г дэмждэг.
Forge of Empires Medals: Medals are earned by ranking in the PvP boards for different ages, through certain Great Buildings (such as the Colosseum) or through Victory Towers. Medals are used to increase land space.
Forge of Empires Diamonds: The game's premium currency, diamonds can only be earned through quests or by purchasing them through the game with real currency. Diamonds can be used to buy premium buildings, speed up building, training or scouting time, as a method to increase land space (other than medals or technological unlocks), as well as motivate buildings to produce more goods.
Жибли студи These Western animated films (plus one Japanese film) have been distributed by Studio Ghibli, and now through their label, Ghibli Museum Library.
Forge of Empires To progress through ages, players must research technologies through their research tree. Each technology requires a certain number of 'Forge Points', one of which is gained every hour. When a technology has been fully researched, a payment (in the form of goods, coins, supplies or a mix of the three) is required to unlock the technology, at which point, the building(s) associated with it or unlocked for purchase in the building menu.