Top 10 similar words or synonyms for they

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for they

Article Example
Forge of Empires To buy buildings, players must spend coins and supplies, and then place it where they would like it within their city. They can move the buildings later, during renovations of their city, or when progressing past the Colonial age, at which time the size of some buildings (such as residental) becomes bigger. (In the case of residential buildings, before the Industrial age, they are 2x2, but after, they are 2x3 or larger.)
First-Order Logic Жишээ: KB = All cats like fish, cats eat everything they like, and Ziggy is a cat. FOL хэлбэрт KB =
Төгсгөлөг ялгавар Finite differences can be considered in more than one variable. They are analogous to partial derivatives in several variables.
Гепатит С Rates are high (>3.5% population infected) in Central and East Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, they are intermediate (1.5%-3.5%) in South and Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Andean, Central and Southern Latin America, Caribbean, Oceania, Australasia and Central, Eastern and Western Europe; and they are low (<1.5%) in Asia Pacific, Tropical Latin America and North America.
Forge of Empires They can also choose to fight other players in PvP style, using the same system above (the defendent is played by the AI). A player may only attack the same player once every 24 hours. If the attacker wins, they can plunder one of their opponent's buildings, collecting the coin, goods or supplies the building would have produced. The defendant's army, however, does not die: after the battle, they are re-set, however, the attacker's army is not, and all losses must be re-trained in their city.