Top 10 similar words or synonyms for territory

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for territory

Article Example
Вашингтон Муж Улс 1848 онд Орегоны нутаг дэвсгэр (Oregon territory) бий болов.
Bruce Kingsbury Bruce Steel Kingsbury, VC (8 January 1918 – 29 August 1942) was an Australian soldier of the Second World War. Serving initially in the Middle East, he later gained renown for his actions during the Battle of Isurava, one of many battles forming the Kokoda Track Campaign in New Guinea. His bravery during the battle was recognised with the Victoria Cross, the highest decoration for gallantry "in the face of the enemy" that can be awarded to members of the British and Commonwealth armed forces. The first serviceman to receive the VC for actions in Australian territory, Kingsbury was a member of the 2/14th Infantry Battalion.
Forge of Empires Players can chose to expand their empire on the continent map by trading with the rulers of other lands, or by fightening them in combat. When fighting, the player must choose his army (up to 8 troops) and then will play against an AI with pre-determined troops in a turn-by-turn strategy game. Each troop has it's own weaknesses, strengths, health and attack, and so proper strategy must be used to ensure a victory. If the player is victorious, they get that province, and are closer to getting the territory, which is gained when the player controls all of it's provinces.
Forge of Empires Goods: Goods are produced in a goods building through a payment of coins, supplies and time, and are used to trade for land and level up. A variety of goods are avaliable (6 or so per time period/level). Goods avaliable include wine, gold, jewlery, basalt, granite, and coke. Bonuses can be found in some territories that allow for an increased rate of production of a particular good in it's production building (double the number in the same time period), and are claimed when the territory is controlled. These bonuses last infinitly.
Forge of Empires Goods: Goods buildings produce goods (such as wine, gold, jewlery, textiles, or coke). The player must select how many of these he wants to produce (by selecting the production time of 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day or 2 days). The amount these production times yield depend on wether or not the bonus has been found on the continental map and has been claimed by owning the territory associated with it. A cost of supplies and coins are then taken, the amount depending on the production period and age to produce the goods, though they are refunded if the goods production is cancelled. Goods are used to trade for new lands and unlock technologies. These buildings cost supplies, coins and workers.