Top 10 similar words or synonyms for period

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for period

Article Example
Чулуун зэвсгийн үе o Neolithic period of archaeology
Чулуун зэвсгийн үе o The Paleolithic period of archaeology
Чулуун зэвсгийн үе o Mesolithic or Epipaleolithic period of archaeology
Forge of Empires Goods: Goods are produced in a goods building through a payment of coins, supplies and time, and are used to trade for land and level up. A variety of goods are avaliable (6 or so per time period/level). Goods avaliable include wine, gold, jewlery, basalt, granite, and coke. Bonuses can be found in some territories that allow for an increased rate of production of a particular good in it's production building (double the number in the same time period), and are claimed when the territory is controlled. These bonuses last infinitly.
A Rush of Blood to the Head Tour Overall, Coldplay's concerts during this period showcased its progression as a bona fide live act. The band began playing more shows in arenas and amphitheatres, moving away from the club venues that dominated earlier tours. Shows also had more elaborate stage and lighting effects. For example, strobe lighting for the song "Daylight" featured the image of a rotating sun superimposed over the stage. Taking a cue from U2's Elevation Tour and Nine Inch Nails' Fragility Tour, Coldplay also adopted a series of back screens that displayed video footage of each band member simultaneously.