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Jack Griffo Griffo first made appearances in 2011 on shows like "Kickin' It" and "Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures" as an extra, then moved to other acting jobs. Griffo currently stars in the Nickelodeon series "The Thundermans" as Max Thunderman, starting in 2013, the evil one of the twins (his sister Pheobe is played by Kira Kosarin). Griffo also starred along with Ciara Bravoin the Nickelodeon original film "Jinxed". He also made several guest appearances on "See Dad Run" as Xander McGinley,and "Jessie" as Brett Summers. Griffo starred alongside Isabella Moner, Tony Cavalero, and Jace Norman in the Nickelodeon original movie "Splitting Adam", which aired on February 16, 2015.