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engineer    0.987185

ireland    0.986016

reserve    0.985390

mamoru    0.984758

marvin    0.984110

sweden    0.983151

building    0.982872

stamps    0.982170

belgium    0.982094

buildings    0.981944

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Article Example
Хөлбөмбөгийн ДАШТ-2010 E хэсэг Дани needed to win this game in order to advance and increased their attacks accordingly. Late in the second half, Christian Eriksen put his shot over the goal and Søren Larsen hit the goalpost. They were finally able to score in the 82nd minute. When Makoto Hasebe was adjudged to have fouled Daniel Agger inside the penalty area, Дани were awarded a penalty kick. Jon Dahl Tomasson took the shot, which was saved by Eiji Kawashima; the goalkeeper, however, was unable to control the rebound, which fell to Tomasson, and he was able to put it in the goal. Япон scored their final goal in the 87th minute. Honda dribbled into the penalty area, forcing Sørensen to attempt to block a potential shot, but Honda passed it to substitute Shinji Okazaki, who merely had to put the ball into an empty net.