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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for which

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Article Example
Квантен број which gives the total angular momentum through the relation
Боров модел The Bohr–Sommerfeld quantization conditions lead to questions in modern mathematics. Consistent semiclassical quantization condition requires a certain type of structure on the phase space, which places topological limitations on the types of symplectic manifolds which can be quantized. In particular, the symplectic form should be the curvature form of a connection of a Hermitian line bundle, which is called a prequantization.
Список на производители на автомобили With their various brand-names, many of which earlier had been independent companies:
Зебибајт Зебибајтот е во блиско сродство со зетабајтот, which is defined as 10 bytes = (see бинарна претставка).
Итератор void ProcessItem( const ItemType& I ) // Function which will process each item of the collection
Тчев Note that the above table is based on primary sources which may be biased:
Сила Related concepts to force include: thrust, which increases the velocity of an object; drag, which decreases the velocity of an object; and torque, which produces changes in rotational speed of an object. In an extended body, each part usually applies forces on the adjacent parts; the distribution of such forces through the body is the so-called mechanical stress. Pressure is a simple type of stress. Stress usually causes deformation of solid materials, or flow in fluids.
ISO 639-3 Во ISO 639-2 which има 56 јазици што се сметаат за „макројазици“ во ISO 639-3 .
Вакутејнер The term "order of draw" refers to the sequence in which tubes should be filled. The needle which pierces the tubes can carry additives from one tube into the next, so the sequence is standardized so that any cross-contamination of additives will not affect laboratory results.
Волфганг Паули The German annexation of Austria in 1938 made him a German citizen, which became a problem for him in 1939 after the outbreak of World War II. In 1940, he tried in vain to obtain Swiss citizenship, which would have allowed him to remain at the ETH.