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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for typical

Article Example
Притисок The standard atmosphere (atm) is an established constant. It is approximately equal to typical air pressure at earth mean sea level and is defined as .
Неутрино Nuclear reactors are the major source of human-generated neutrinos. Antineutrinos are made in the beta-decay of neutron-rich daughter fragments in the fission process. Generally, the four main isotopes contributing to the antineutrino flux are , , and (i.e. via the antineutrinos emitted during beta-minus decay of their respective fission fragments). The average nuclear fission releases about of energy, of which roughly 4.5% (or about ) is radiated away as antineutrinos. For a typical nuclear reactor with a thermal power of , meaning that the core produces this much heat, and an electrical power generation of , the total power production from fissioning atoms is actually , of which is radiated away as antineutrino radiation and never appears in the engineering. This is to say, of fission energy is "lost" from this reactor and does not appear as heat available to run turbines, since antineutrinos penetrate all building materials practically without interaction.
Паскалов закон Pascal's principle applies to all fluids, whether gases or liquids. A typical application of Pascal's principle for gases and liquids is the automobile lift seen in many service stations (the hydraulic jack). Increased air pressure produced by an air compressor is transmitted through the air to the surface of oil in an underground reservoir. The oil, in turn, transmits the pressure to a piston, which lifts the automobile. The relatively low pressure that exerts the lifting force against the piston is about the same as the air pressure in automobile tires. Hydraulics is employed by modern devices ranging from very small to enormous. For example, there are hydraulic pistons in almost all construction machines where heavy loads are involved.