Top 10 similar words or synonyms for though

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for though

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Article Example
Историја на HTML Though cowards flinch and Bill Gates sneers
Теорија на автоматите It can be shown, though, that all these automata can accept the same languages. You can always construct some DFA M' that accepts the same language as a given NFA M.
Сериски АТА интерфејс SATA ја замени паралелната АТА во десктоп компјутерите и лаптоп компјутерите, и во голема мера го замени PATA со нови вградени апликации. Пазарниот удел на SATA на пазарот на десктоп компјутерите е 99% во 2008 година. PATA remains widely used in industrial and embedded applications that use CompactFlash (CF) storage, which is designed around the legacy PATA standard, even though the new CFast standard is based on SATA.
Стереометриско моделирање Animation of computer generated characters is, technically, an example of parametric modeling, though few in the industry would consider it to be. Characters' skin is modelled with NURBS patches and stitched together or polygon modelled. The skin of characters is then parametrically associated to a skeleton within characters (with many characters' skins now being driven by muscle simulation systems). The skeleton of a character is rotated into poses, which parametrically drives the shape of the characters' skin for each frame to create animation.
Паскалов закон The intuitive explanation of this formula is that the change in pressure between 2 elevations is due to the weight of the fluid between the elevations. A more correct interpretation, though, is that the pressure change is caused by the change of potential energy per unit volume of the liquid due to the existence of the gravitational field. Note that the variation with height does not depend on any additional pressures. Therefore, Pascal's law can be interpreted as saying that "any change in pressure applied" at any given point of the fluid is transmitted "undiminished throughout" the fluid.
Падот на Вол Стрит во 1929 година Then in August the wheat price fell when France and Italy were bragging of a magnificent harvest and the situation in Australia improved. This sent a shiver through Wall Street and stock prices quickly dropped, but word of cheap stocks brought a fresh rush of 'stags,' amateur speculators and investors. Congress had also voted for a 100 million dollar relief package for the farmers, hoping to stabilize wheat prices. By October though, the price had fallen to $1.31 per bushel. The falling commodity markets in other countries told upon even American self-confidence, and the stock market started to falter.
Сила For instance, while traveling in a moving vehicle at a constant velocity, the laws of physics do not change from being at rest. A person can throw a ball straight up in the air and catch it as it falls down without worrying about applying a force in the direction the vehicle is moving. This is true even though another person who is observing the moving vehicle pass by also observes the ball follow a curving parabolic path in the same direction as the motion of the vehicle. It is the inertia of the ball associated with its constant velocity in the direction of the vehicle's motion that ensures the ball continues to move forward even as it is thrown up and falls back down. From the perspective of the person in the car, the vehicle and everything inside of it is at rest: It is the outside world that is moving with a constant speed in the opposite direction. Since there is no experiment that can distinguish whether it is the vehicle that is at rest or the outside world that is at rest, the two situations are considered to be physically indistinguishable. Inertia therefore applies equally well to constant velocity motion as it does to rest.