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Итератор % Echo resulting array to Command Window
Неутрино The resulting positron annihilation with electrons in the detector material created photons with an energy of about . Pairs of photons in coincidence could be detected by the two scintillation detectors above and below the target. The neutrons were captured by cadmium nuclei resulting in gamma rays of about that were detected a few microseconds after the photons from a positron annihilation event.
Неутрино Still-higher-energy neutrinos, resulting from the interactions of extragalactic cosmic rays, could be observed with the Pierre Auger Observatory or with the dedicated experiment named ANITA.
Момент на сила Тоа произлегува од својствата на векторскиот производ со тоа што векторот на моментот на сила е нормален и со двете и со позицијата и со векторите на сила. Векторот на сила покажува по должината на оската кој векторот на сила(почнувајќи од останатите) ќе иницира. The resulting "torque vector" direction is determined by the right-hand rule.
Неутрино Since then, various detection methods have been used. Super Kamiokande is a large volume of water surrounded by photomultiplier tubes that watch for the Cherenkov radiation emitted when an incoming neutrino creates an electron or muon in the water. The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory is similar, but uses heavy water as the detecting medium, which uses the same effects, but also allows the additional reaction any-flavor neutrino photo-dissociation of deuterium, resulting in a free neutron which is then detected from gamma radiation after chlorine-capture. Other detectors have consisted of large volumes of chlorine or gallium which are periodically checked for excesses of argon or germanium, respectively, which are created by electron-neutrinos interacting with the original substance. MINOS uses a solid plastic scintillator coupled to photomultiplier tubes, while Borexino uses a liquid pseudocumene scintillator also watched by photomultiplier tubes and the proposed NOνA detector will use liquid scintillator watched by avalanche photodiodes. The IceCube Neutrino Observatory uses of the Antarctic ice sheet near the south pole with photomultiplier tubes distributed throughout the volume.