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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for parametric

Article Example
Стереометриско моделирање Parametric modeling is very powerful, but requires more skill in model creation. A complicated model for an injection molded part may have a thousand features, and modifying an early feature may cause later features to fail. Skillfully created parametric models are easier to maintain and modify.
Стереометриско моделирање Parametric modeling also lends itself to data re-use. A whole family of capscrews can be contained in one model, for example.
Стереометриско моделирање Parametric modeling is obvious and intuitive. But for the first three decades of CAD this was not the case. Modification meant re-draw, or add a new cut or protrusion on top of old ones. Dimensions on engineering drawings were "created", instead of "shown".
Стереометриско моделирање Parametric modeling uses parameters to define a model (dimensions, for example). The parameter may be modified later, and the model will update to reflect the modification. Typically, there is a relationship between parts, assemblies, and drawings. A part consists of multiple features, and an assembly consists of multiple parts. Drawings can be made from either parts or assemblies.
Стереометриско моделирање Solid modeling has to be seen in context of the whole history of CAD, the key milestones being the development of Romulus which went on to influence the development of Parasolid and ACIS and thus the mid-range Windows based feature modelers such as IronCAD, Alibre Design, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge and the arrival of parametric solid models system like T-Flex and Pro/ENGINEER.
Стереометриско моделирање Animation of computer generated characters is, technically, an example of parametric modeling, though few in the industry would consider it to be. Characters' skin is modelled with NURBS patches and stitched together or polygon modelled. The skin of characters is then parametrically associated to a skeleton within characters (with many characters' skins now being driven by muscle simulation systems). The skeleton of a character is rotated into poses, which parametrically drives the shape of the characters' skin for each frame to create animation.