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Гојас It is an ecological national park famous for the diversity of its landscape and the richness of its fauna and flora.
Историја на HTML Within its codes we’ll live or die
Калјампуди Рао  Linear Statistical Inference and its Applications
Ferrero SpA 3. ^ Ilan Brat; Jeffrey McCracken; Dana Cimilluca (November 9, 2009). "Hershey Plots Cadbury Bid". The Wall Street Journal. "[Ferrero] is known for the secrecy with which it guards its chocolate recipes and its management decisions."
Катерина Колозова • "Approaching Politics from Its Weaker Side", (Intreview with Svetlana Slapshak) Dnevnik 18 juni 1996, pp. 12.
Втора космичка брзина Escape velocity is actually a speed (not a velocity) because it does not specify a direction: no matter what the direction of travel is, the object can escape the gravitational field (provided its path does not intersect the planet). The simplest way of deriving the formula for escape velocity is to use conservation of energy. Imagine that a spaceship of mass "m" is at a distance "r" from the center of mass of the planet, whose mass is "M". Its initial speed is equal to its escape velocity, formula_6. At its final state, it will be an infinite distance away from the planet, and its speed will be negligibly small and assumed to be 0. Kinetic energy "K" and gravitational potential energy "U" are the only types of energy that we will deal with, so by the conservation of energy,
Табела на контингенција Theory of Contingency and Its Relation to Association and Normal Correlation", part of the Drapers' Company Research Memoirs Biometric Series
Чуден кварк ^ G. Zweig (1964). "An SU(3) Model for Strong Interaction Symmetry and its Breaking". CERN Report No.8181/Th 8419.
Меланотропин Millington GW (2006). "Proopiomelanocortin (POMC): the cutaneous roles of its melanocortin products and receptors". Clin. Exp. Dermatol. 31 (3): 407–12.
Лорјан Во 2009 година, Лорјан имал 57.812 жители. In 2008, its intercommunality had 191,716 inhabitants.. Лорјан е најнаселената општина во департманот Морбијан, а префектурата е малку помала од Ван.