Top 10 similar words or synonyms for automaton

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for automaton

Article Example
Теорија на автоматите When the set of states "Q" is finite, then the automaton is known as a finite state automaton, and the set of all recognizable languages are the regular languages. In fact, there is a strong equivalence: for every regular langage, there is a finite state automaton, and "vice versa".
Теорија на автоматите That is, the language accepted by an automaton is the set of all words "w", over the alphabet formula_1, that, when given as input to the automaton, will will result in its ending in some state from formula_25. Languages that are accepted by automata are called recognizable languages.
Теорија на автоматите The triple formula_20 is known as a semiautomaton. Semiautomatons underlay automatons, in that they are just automatons, where one has ignored the starting state and the set of accept states. The additional notions of a start state and an accept state allow automatons to do something th semiautomatons cannot: they can recognize a formal language. The language formula_21 accepted by a deterministic finite automaton formula_3 is: