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ಶ್ರೀಲಂಕಾದ ಆಂತರಿಕ ಯುದ್ಧ After steady progress, ಶ್ರೀಲಂಕಾದ security forces led by Brigade Commander Sarath Wijesinghe re-captured Sampur (Somapura) from ಎಲ್‍ಟಿಟಿಇ on September 4, ಮತ್ತು began to establish ಸೇನೆ bases there, as ಎಲ್‍ಟಿಟಿಇ admitted defeat ಮತ್ತು stated their cadres "withdrew" from strategically important town. It marked ಮೊದಲ significant territorial change of hands since signing of ಕದನ ವಿರಾಮ agreement in 2002. The ಶ್ರೀಲಂಕಾದ Military estimated that 33 personnel were killed in ಆಕ್ರಮಣ, along with over 200 ಎಲ್‍ಟಿಟಿಇ cadres.
ಗ್ಯಾಟ್ Of the original GATT members, Syria and the SFR Yugoslavia has not rejoined the WTO. Since FR Yugoslavia, (renamed to Serbia and Montenegro and with membership negotiations later split in two), is not recognised as a direct SFRY successor state; therefore, its application is considered a new (non-GATT) one. The General Council of WTO, on 4 May 2010, agreed to establish a working party to examine the request of Syria for WTO membership. The contracting parties who founded the WTO ended official agreement of the "GATT 1947" terms on 31 December 1995.
ಸಿ ಕೆ ನಾಗರಾಜ ರಾವ್ His research into the Hoysala period, regarded as one of the golden periods in the history of Karnataka, led to the unearthing of stone inscriptions that shed light into the motherhood of Hoysala Queen Shantaladevi, thus debunking the myth that she committed suicide for being childless. Through his research he was able to establish that Queen Shantaladevi was the mother of three sons and a daughter. In the year 1977, he self -published his magnum opus “Pattamahadevi Shantaladevi”, a historical novel spanning 2162 pages. This work was hailed as “Gadya Mahakavya” by historians, critics and readers alike. Sri M.V. Kamat, the editor of Illustrated weekly of India lauded the novel as the biggest literary work ever published. The Hindi translation of this novel translated by Sri P. Venkatachala Sharma and published by Bharatiya Jnanapith has been well received.
ಪ್ಲುಟೊ Observations of Neptune in the late 19th century caused astronomers to speculate that Uranus' orbit was being disturbed by another planet in addition to Neptune. In 1905, Percival Lowell, a wealthy Bostonian who had founded the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1894, started an extensive project in search of a possible ninth planet, which he termed "Planet X". Lowell's hope in tracking down Planet X was to establish his scientific credibility, which had been dented by his widely derided belief that channel-like features visible on the surface of Mars were in fact canals constructed by an intelligent civilisation. By 1909, Lowell and William H. Pickering had suggested several possible celestial coordinates for such a planet. Lowell and his observatory conducted his search from 1905 until his death in 1916, but to no avail. Lowell's disappointment at not locating Planet X, according to one friend, "virtually killed him".
ಜಿಮ್ಮಿ ವೇಲ್ಸ್ In mid-2003, Wales set up the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), a non-profit organization founded in St. Petersburg, Florida and headquartered on the West Coast of the United States, in San Francisco, California. All intellectual property rights and domain names pertaining to Wikipedia were moved to the new foundation, whose purpose is to establish general policy for the encyclopedia and its sister projects. Wales has been a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees since it was formed and was its official Chairman from 2003 through 2006. From 2006 to date he serves under the honorary title of Chairman Emeritus and holds the board-appointed "community founder" seat. His work for the foundation, including his appearances to promote it at computer and educational conferences, has always been unpaid. Wales has often joked that donating Wikipedia to the foundation was both the "dumbest and the smartest" thing he had done. On the one hand, he estimated that Wikipedia was worth US$3 billion; on the other, he weighed his belief that the donation made possible its success.