Top 10 similar words or synonyms for weekday

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for weekday

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រ៉ាប៊ី 8. Charitable works. The synagogue has been a place where charity is collected every weekday after services and then distributed to the needy before Sabbaths and holidays. It was not the rabbi who collected these sums; that task was assigned to the sexton, wardens of charity and charitable associations. But it was the rabbi's task to teach that charity ("tzedakah") is a core Jewish value. The rabbi did this by preaching, teaching and by example—hosting poor out of town yeshiva students at the home table and offering Jewish travelers a kosher meal. Moses Maimonides formulated a ladder consisting of eight degrees of charity, starting with reluctant giving and ending with teaching someone a trade. Rabbi Israel Salanter (1809-1883) was once asked, "How do you provide for your spiritual needs?" He answered, "By providing for someone else's physical needs."
WNBT Unfortunately, these changes did not result to an increase in WNBC's ratings in the November 2007 sweeps period. The most shocking of WNBC's ratings decrease is their 11 pm newscast as it fell to third place, behind WCBS and WABC. WNBC altered their 5 p.m.-6:00 pm hour on January 2, 2008, swapping the half-hour news at 5:30 with "Extra". On March 9, 2009, with the launch of "New York Nonstop" on digital subchannel 4.2, "New York Nightly News" was moved to the subchannel and expanded to one hour, while "Extra" was moved back to 7 pm and the 5 p.m.-6 p.m. hour returned to a full hour of news. Still, WNBC's ratings have struggled: In the March 2009 sweeps period, its newscasts were a distant third in all time slots except weekday mornings.