Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ultimate

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ultimate

Article Example
កម្មវិធីស្បៀងអាហារពិភពលោក WFP strives to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, with the ultimate goal in mind of eliminating the need for food aid itself.
មនុស្សពីងពាង By the end of 2007, Spider-Man regularly appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man," "New Avengers", "Spider-Man Family", and various limited series in mainstream Marvel Comics continuity, as well as in the alternate-universe series "The Amazing Spider-Girl," the Ultimate Universe title "Ultimate Spider-Man," the alternate-universe tween series "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane," the alternate-universe children's series "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man", and "."
លោកិយបដិច្ចសមុប្បាទ១២ ១. ផ្លូវនៃ សម្មតិសច្ចៈ(conventional truth) មាន បុរស ស្រ្តី មនុស្សទាំងឡាយ សត្វលោក ឬសត្វទាំងឡាយឯទៀត គឺត្រូវបានគេស្គាល់ និងហៅឈ្មោះជាសាកលបាន រីឯ ធម៌បដិច្ចសមុប្បាទ សឲ្យឃើញថា អវិជ្ជា និង តណ្ហាជាប្រភពដើមនៃសង្សារ។ វាមិនមែនជាប្រភពដើមរបស់ សត្វបុគ្គល ទំនៀមទំលាប់ ឬហេតុការណាមួយទេ។ ក្នុងបរមត្ថសច្ច(Ultimate Truth) មិនមានមនុស្ស ឬមនុស្សជាតិ ឬសត្វទាំងឡាយណាមួយទេ ហើយទីបំផុតវាត្រឹមតែត្រឡប់ទៅជាធម៌វិញទាំងអស់ មានន័យថា អវិជ្ជា និងតណ្ហាជាប្រភពដើមនៃសង្សារ។
សាសនា When religion is seen in terms of "sacred", "divine", intensive "valuing", or "ultimate concern", then it is possible to understand why scientific findings and philosophical criticisms (e.g. Richard Dawkins) do not necessarily disturb its adherents.
គុយបា The Communist Party strengthened its one-party rule, with Castro as ultimate leader. Fidel's brother, Raúl Castro, became the army chief. Loyalty to Castro became the primary criterion for all appointments. In , the revolutionary government created a system known as Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), which provided neighborhood spying.
ទ្រោញ Ultimately, all of these actions do lead to Drona's death in the war. In that way, Drona paid the ultimate price for his crimes. He remains a revered figure in Hindu history, and a pillar of the Indian tradition of respecting one's teacher as an equal not only of parents, but even of God.
ជួរភ្នំក្រវាញ Also the newbie WAR Adventures Cambodia organize a wide range of deep jungle activities from the family trekking to the hardcore RAID adventure, jungle orientation and survival training course , even animals and human tracking course ... All of this in the region of Sre Ambel in the south west of the Cardamom mountains. The ultimate experience
សាធារណរដ្ឋរ៉ូម៉ាំង Tiberius' brother Gaius was elected tribune in 123 BC. Gaius Gracchus' ultimate goal was to weaken the senate and to strengthen the democratic forces. In the past, for example, the senate would eliminate political rivals either by establishing special judicial commissions or by passing a "senatus consultum ultimum" ("ultimate decree of the senate"). Both devices would allow the Senate to bypass the ordinary due process rights that all citizens had. Gaius outlawed the judicial commissions, and declared the "senatus consultum ultimum" to be unconstitutional. Gaius then proposed a law which would grant citizenship rights to Rome's Italian allies. This last proposal was not popular with the plebeians and he lost much of his support. He stood for election to a third term in 121 BC, but was defeated and then murdered by representatives of the senate with 3,000 of his supporters on Capitoline Hill in Rome.
មហាយាន Mahayana Buddhist schools de-emphasize the ideal, emphasized in Theravada, of the release from individual Suffering (Dukkha) and attainment of Awakening (Nirvana). The Lotus Sutra says, successively, that the Buddha's lifetime is extremely long, and that it is infinite. Mahayana authorities differ on which of these statements to take literally. On the whole, Chinese and Japanese prefer the former, Tibetans the latter. In addition, most Mahayana schools believe in a pantheon of quasi-divine Bodhisattvas (菩薩) that devote themselves to personal excellence, ultimate knowledge, and the salvation of humanity and all other sentient beings (animals, ghosts, demigods, etc.). Zen Buddhism is a school of Mahayana which often de-emphasizes the pantheon of Bodhisattvas and instead focuses on the meditative aspects of the religion. In Mahayana, the Buddha is seen as the ultimate, highest being, present in all times, in all beings, and in all places, and the Bodhisattvas come to represent the universal ideal of altruistic excellence.
សុញ្ញតា Now again, of course, it isn't that Buddhism believes in some sort of something somewhere, and that is to say in vagueness. Here is the point: if you believe, if you have certain propositions that you want to assert about the ultimate reality, or what Portilli[?] calls 'the ultimate ground of being,' you are talking nonsense. Because you can't say something specific about everything. You see, supposing you wanted to say 'God has a shape.' But if god is all that there is, then God doesn't have any outside, so he can't have a shape. You have to have an outside and space outside it to have a shape. So that's why the Hebrews, too, are against people making images of God. But nonetheless, Jews and Christians persistently make images of God, not necessarily in pictures and statues, but they make images in their minds. And those are much more insidious images.