Top 10 similar words or synonyms for representing

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for representing

Article Example
ខុទ្ទកាល័យ ខុទ្ទកាល័យ (cabinet) is a group of high-ranking government officials, typically representing the executive branch. In some countries, the cabinet is named "Council of Ministers".
អក្សរខ្មែរ The following table shows combinations with the "nĭkkôhĕt" and "reăhmŭkh" diacritics, representing final and . They are shown with the a-series consonant "’â".
និមិត្តសញ្ញា In the book "Signs and Symbols, "it is stated that "A symbol ... is a visual image or sign representing an idea -- a deeper indicator of a universal truth."
បរ Although boron is a relatively rare element in the Earth's crust, representing only 0.001% of the crust mass, it can be highly concentrated by the action of water, in which many borates are soluble.
ចង្វាតនៃថៃ ប្រទេសថៃបែងចែកជា៧៦ ខេត្ត (; )។ រាជធានីបាងកក ជាតំបន់រដ្ឋបាលពិសេសមួយ។ ខេត្តជាផ្នែករដ្ឋបាលមួយ ហៅថាអភិបាលខេត្ត and one special administrative area representing the capital Bangkok. The provinces are part of the provincial government, whilst Bangkok is part of the local government.
Near Field Communication The GSM Association (GSMA) is the global trade association representing nearly 800 mobile phone operators and more than 200 product and service companies across 219 countries. Many of its members have led NFC trials around the World and are now preparing services for commercial launch.
តក្កវិទ្យា Logic is generally considered formal when it analyzes and represents the "form" of any valid argument type. The form of an argument is displayed by representing its sentences in the formal grammar and symbolism of a logical language to make its content usable in formal inference. Simply put, formalising simply means translating English sentences into the language of logic.
អក្សរខ្មែរ In final position, letters representing a sound ("k-", "kh-") are pronounced as a glottal stop after the vowels , , , , , , , , . The letter "rô" is silent when final (in most dialects; see Northern Khmer). The letter "sâ" when final is pronounced (which in this position approaches ).
បារាំង France has historically been a large producer of agricultural products. Large tracts of fertile land, the application of modern technology, and EU subsidies have combined to make France the leading agricultural producer and exporter in Europe (representing 20% of the EU's agricultural production) and the world's third biggest exporter of agricultural products.
កម្មវិធីស្បៀងអាហារពិភពលោក In 2011, WFP bought over 2.4 million metric tons of food, worth more than US$1.2 billion, in 87 countries. Of the 2.4 million metric tons of food, 71 per cent was purchased in developing countries, representing approximately US$870 million and more than 1.7 million metric tons.