Top 10 similar words or synonyms for quantification

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for quantification

Article Example
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) Two fundamental kinds of quantification in predicate logic are universal quantification and existential quantification.
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) A more natural way to restrict the domain of discourse uses "guarded quantification". For example, the guarded quantification
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) Keywords for uniqueness quantification include:
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) which can be rephrased using "existential quantification":
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) Every quantification involves one specific variable and a "domain of discourse" or "range of quantification" of that variable. The range of quantification specifies the set of values that the variable takes. In the examples above, the range of quantification is the set of natural numbers. Specification of the range of quantification allows us to express the difference between, asserting that a predicate holds for some natural number or for some real number. Expository conventions often reserve some variable names such as ""n"" for natural numbers and ""x"" for real numbers, although relying exclusively on naming conventions cannot work in general since ranges of variables can change in the course of a mathematical argument.
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) All of these variations also apply to universal quantification.
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) The existential proposition can be expressed with bounded quantification as
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) Some versions of the notation explicitly mention the range of quantification. The range of quantification must always be specified; for a given mathematical theory, this can be done in several ways:
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) None of the quantifiers previously discussed apply to a quantification such as
កំណត់បរិមាណ (តក្កវិទ្យា) A language element which generates a quantification (such as "every") is called a quantifier.