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មូស Indiscriminate eradication of mosquitoes is likely to have effects undesirable to humans. Entomologist Phil Lounibos of Florida Medical Entomological Laboratory (FMEL), Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), University of Florida, says that eradication "is fraught with undesirable side effects", as mosquitoes are a significant food source for birds and bats and, as larvae, fish and frogs, parts of the food chain affecting many species. If mosquitoes are eradicated, they may also be replaced by other species, possibly more undesirable.
ផ្លាតូ The oldest surviving complete manuscript for many of the dialogues is the Clarke Plato (Codex Oxoniensis Clarkianus 39, or Codex Boleianus MS E.D. Clarke 39), which was written in Constantinople in 895 and acquired by Oxford University in 1809. The Clarke is given the siglum "B" in modern editions. "B" contains the first six tetralogies and is described internally as being written by "John the Calligrapher" on behalf of Arethas of Caesarea. It appears to have undergone corrections by Arethas himself. For the last two tetralogies and the apocrypha, the oldest surviving complete manuscript is Codex Parisinus graecus 1807, designated "A", which was written nearly contemporaneously to "B", circa 900 AD. "A" probably had an initial volume containing the first 7 tetralogies which is now lost, but of which a copy was made, Codex Venetus append. class. 4, 1, which has the siglum "T". The oldest manuscript for the seventh tetralogy is Codex Vindobonensis 54. suppl. phil. Gr. 7, with siglum "W", with a supposed date in the twelfth century. In total there are fifty-one such Byzantine manuscripts known, while others may yet be found.