Top 10 similar words or synonyms for outside

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for outside

Article Example
ទ្រោញ "Droṇa" implies that he was not gestated in a womb, but outside the human body in a "droṇa" (vessel or a basket).
មូលនិធិចំណេះដឹងបើកចំហ Outside of technology, the foundation plays a role in advocating for openness broadly. This includes supporting the drafting of reports, facilitating consultation and producing guides.
បេស្បល A ball is called when the pitcher throws a pitch that is outside the strike zone, provided the batter has not swung at it.
ចក្រភពអូទ្រីស The Austrian Empire was founded by the Habsburg monarch Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (who became Emperor Francis I of Austria), as a state comprising his personal lands within and outside of the Holy Roman Empire.
សូរ (​ភាសាសាស្ត្រ​) A few languages outside these major groups have tonality, including Lahnda, Punjabi and Ancient Greek, which are Indo-European languages. Although the Austronesian language family has some tonal members, no tonal languages have been discovered in Australia.
ខេត្តដូនណៃ Despite not being located along the coast, Đồng Nai produced 41,600t of fishery products in 2011. Over 90% of this was produced in 33,500ha of aquaculture farms. This makes Đồng Nai the largest aquaculture producer outside the Mekong Delta.
បំណែងចែករដ្ឋបាលនៃកម្ពុជា Cambodia Town, Long Beach, California is sometimes jokingly referred to as "The 24th Province" of Cambodia, because the city has the second highest Cambodian population of any city outside of Cambodia (roughly 50,000) after Bangkok(??) (roughly 1,200,000).
អង់តាកទិក There is no economic activity in Antarctica at present, except for fishing off the coast and small-scale tourism, both based outside Antarctica. The Antarctican dollar, a souvenir item sold in the United States and Canada, is not legal tender.
កោសិកា (ជីវវិទ្យា) A gelatinous capsule is present in some bacteria outside the cell membrane and cell wall. The capsule may be polysaccharide as in pneumococci, meningococci or polypeptide as "Bacillus anthracis" or hyaluronic acid as in streptococci.
+855 Calls made from outside Cambodia must omit the prefix 0. Therefore to call a mobile number in Cambodia from other countries, dialing begins with +855 1, +855 8, or +855 9.