Top 10 similar words or synonyms for lofty

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for lofty

Article Example
អានន្ទ At that time, the moon quietly shone at the Shela Grove. The quiet and lofty mind of the Buddha shone at all the people in the grove. That was a touching yet solemn scene. Everybody, including those enlightened sage, weeps. Ananda was especially sad and cried tearfully.
ផ្លាតូ The allegory of the cave (often said by scholars to represent Plato's own epistemology and metaphysics) is intimately connected to his political ideology (often said to also be Plato's own), that only people who have climbed out of the cave and cast their eyes on a vision of goodness are fit to rule. Socrates claims that the enlightened men of society must be forced from their divine contemplations and be compelled to run the city according to their lofty insights. Thus is born the idea of the "philosopher-king", the wise person who accepts the power thrust upon him by the people who are wise enough to choose a good master. This is the main thesis of Socrates in the "Republic", that the most wisdom the masses can muster is the wise choice of a ruler.