Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ivory

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ivory

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ទាំងអស់ផ្កាយ: ការប្រកួតនិងសូដា Level 262 EvilElite Ivory Bugbear
ទាំងអស់ផ្កាយ: ការប្រកួតនិងសូដា Level 113 EvilElite Ivory Bugbear
ទាំងអស់ផ្កាយ: ការប្រកួតនិងសូដា Level 239 EvilLegendary Ivory Bugbear
ទាំងអស់ផ្កាយ: ការប្រកួតនិងសូដា Level 543 EvilLegendary Ivory Bugbear
វិទ្យុបារាំងអន្តរជាតិ On 21 October 2003, Jean Hélène was reporting for RFI during the civil war in Ivory Coast when he was killed in Abidjan by police Sergeant Théodore Séry Dago.
ទ្រអ៊ូ The tro u (Khmer: ទ្រអ៊ូ; also spelled tro ou) is a traditional instrument from Cambodia. It is a low-pitched, two-stringed vertical fiddle with a coconut shell body that has one end covered with animal skin. Its two strings are made of silk, gut, nylon, or metal, running over a bridge made of bamboo, wood, bone, ivory, or seashell.
ប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រចាម្ប៉ា From the 7th to the 10th centuries, the Cham controlled the trade in spices and silk between China, India, the Indonesian islands, and the Abbasid empire in Baghdad. They supplemented their income from the trade routes not only by exporting ivory and aloe, but also by engaging in piracy and raiding.
បារាំង France retains strong political and economic influence in its former African colonies (Françafrique) and has supplied economic aid and troops for peace-keeping missions in Ivory Coast and Chad. Recently, after the unilateral declaration of independence of northern Mali by the Tuareg MNLA and the subsequent regional Northern Mali conflict with several Islamist groups including Ansar Dine and MOJWA, France and other African states intervened to help the Malian Army to retake control.
ផ្លាតូ However, it must be taken into account that the ideal city outlined in the "Republic" is qualified by Socrates as the ideal "luxurious" city, examined to determine how it is that injustice and justice grow in a city ("Republic" 372e). According to Socrates, the "true" and "healthy" city is instead the one first outlined in book II of the "Republic", 369c–372d, containing farmers, craftsmen, merchants, and wage-earners, but lacking the guardian class of philosopher-kings as well as delicacies such as "perfumed oils, incense, prostitutes, and pastries", in addition to paintings, gold, ivory, couches, a multitude of occupations such as poets and hunters, and war.
លានដំរី The Burmese then focused their attack on Ayutthaya and took the city. King Setthathirath upon reaching Vientiane ordered an immediate evacuation. The Burmese took several weeks to regroup and rest having taken Ayutthaya, which allowed Setthathirath to rally his forces and plan for prolonged guerrilla warfare. The Burmese arrived in Vientiane and were able to take the lightly defended city. Just as in 1565, Setthathirath began a guerrilla campaign from his base near the Nam Ngum, northeast of Vientiane. In 1570 Bayinnaung retreated, Setthathirath counterattacked and more than 30,000 were taken prisoner, along with 100 elephants, and 2,300 pieces of ivory from the retreating Burmese.