Top 10 similar words or synonyms for floor

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for floor

Article Example
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ System Air ducts Perforated false floor Air-sweep floor
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Requirements Sealed floor
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Figure 14: Kerosene fired tilted-bed dryer for easy unloading (left), drying bin with perforated false floor (right)
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ • Its size and shape occupies only very limited floor space therefore it can easily be placed inside a grain store or warehouse;
ជីវិត Microbial life forms thrive even in the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot on the Earth. Microbes also thrive inside rocks up to 1900 feet below the sea floor under 8500 feet of ocean.
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Air ducts with plenum chamber outside the drying bin Air ducts with central plenum chamber Protecting the grain bulk from ground moisture. Figure a: False floor. Figure b: Insulation
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ For unloading the fan needs to be able to provide an airflow higher than that for drying. An additional fan can also be used. To reduce the capacity of the fan the floor of the drying bin can be equipped with air-sweep channels which can be operated alternately during unloading. In this case the air distribution is still better than with air ducts.
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ • Solar collectors need to be made from durable materials (UV stabilized plastic), which makes them expensive. They consume a lot of floor area for a very limited heat accumulation. Feedback from the field indicated that cheap structures were often quickly destroyed by animals (e.g. village dogs), wind or solar radiation; and
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ In batch dryers perforated false floors offer the most equal air distribution, which is important for high initial moisture contents. They are of simple design and are usually made of perforated metal sheet. The compartment underneath serves as plenum chamber. On the downside perforated metal sheets are more expensive than plain metal sheets that are used for air ducts. A strong support structure is needed for perforated metal sheets because during mixing and unloading laborers are often walking on the false floor.
ហង់រី ការចេរ ប្រេស្សុង In 1937, Cartier-Bresson married a Javanese dancer, Ratna Mohini. They lived in a fourth-floor servants' flat at in Paris at 19, rue Danielle Casanova, a large studio with a small bedroom, kitchen and bathroom where Cartier-Bresson developed film. Between 1937 and 1939 Cartier-Bresson worked as a photographer for the French Communists' evening paper, "Ce Soir". With Chim and Capa, Cartier-Bresson was a leftist, but he did not join the French Communist party.