Top 10 similar words or synonyms for centrifugal

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for centrifugal

Article Example
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Fan type Axial flow Centrifugal, forwards curved Centrifugal, backwards curved
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Table 5: Overview on axial flow and centrifugal fans
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Fans move the drying air through the drying system. Depending on the required airflow rate and the needed pressure creation either axial-flow or centrifugal fans are used. The differences of both fan types are as follows:
ផលិតកម្មដំណាំស្រូវ Generally it can be said that the cheaper axial-flow fans provide a higher airflow rate at lower pressure creation and are therefore more suitable for shallow bed batch dryers with low resistance to airflow. They are also being used in re-circulating batch dryers where high air volumes are desired to remove water quickly for short drying time. The more expensive centrifugal fans have higher pressure creation and can overcome the resistance of deeper beds but they have lower airflow rates. When a centrifugal fan is the choice backwards curved rotors should be used because of their non-overloading characteristics.