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Verifikator Independen Jamkesmas Severity Level 3)
Thanatephorus cucumeris "Rhizoctonia" can be found across all areas of the United States (environmental conditions permitting) where its host crops are located. The severity of infection can vary and for highly infected patches, severity of the infection can be very devastating to the farmer. Some of these consequences are major yield losses (ranging from 25%-100%), increased soil tare (because the soil sticks to the fungus' mycelium), and poor industrial quality of the crops based on increased levels of sodium, potassium, and nitrogen. Due to the number of hosts that the pathogen attacks, these consequences are numerous and detrimental to a variety of crops.
Risiko Tahap-tahap yang dilalui oleh perusahaan dalam mengimplementasikan manajemen risiko adalah mengidentifikasi terlebih dahulu risiko-risiko yang mungkin akan dialami oleh perusahaan, setelah mengidentifikasi maka dilakukan evaluasi atas masing-masing risiko ditinjau dari severity (nilai risiko) dan frekuensinya. Tahap terakhir adalah pengendalian risiko. Dalam tahap pengendalian risiko dibedakan menjadi 2 yakni pengendalian fisik (risiko dihilangkan, risiko diminimalisir) dan pengendalian finansial (risiko ditahan, risiko ditransfer).
Thanatephorus cucumeris Complete ccontrol "Rhizoctonia" species is not possible, but the severity of the pathogen can be limited. Successful control depends on characteristics of the pathogen, host crops, and the environment. Controlling the environment, crop rotation, using resistant varieties, and minimizing soil compaction are effective and noninvasive ways to manage disease. Planting seedlings in warmer soil and getting plants to emerge quickly helps minimize damage. Crop rotation also helps minimize the amount of inoculum that results in infection. A few resistant varieties with moderate resistance to "Rhizoctonia" can be used, but they produce lower yields and quantity than standard varieties. Minimizing soil compaction helps water infiltration, drainage, and aeration for the plants.