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Article Example
Perbedaan ejaan bahasa Inggris Britania dan Amerika Kata-kata yang menggunakan "ll" di ejaan Amerika: "willful, skillful, thralldom, appall, fulfillment, enrollment, installment, distill, instill" (ejaan Britania: "wilful, skilful, thraldom, appal, fulfilment, enrolment, instalment, distil, instil"); di ejaan Amerika dan Britania: "will, skill, thrall, pall, fill, roll, stall, still".
Christian Suharlim Suharlim actively participated in local organizations. He was the Local Executive Board of the Asian medical Students Association in 2008, and was the National Advisory board in 2011. Within Harvard, he presided the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Postdoctoral Association for two consecutive terms, advocating for an increase in minimum wage policy and healthcare benefits for 600+ postdoctoral research fellows and research associates. He Increased the organization membership by 50% and leadership enrollment by 28%, and successfully managed the Public Health Nanocourse educational program to achieve record-breaking attendance.