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Article Example
विनोद खोसला Vinod was featured on Dateline NBC on Sunday, May 7, 2006. He was discussing the practicality of the use of ethanol as a gasoline substitute. He is known to have invested heavily in ethanol companies, in hopes of widespread adoption. He cites Brazil as an example of a country that has totally ended its dependence on foreign oil.
नाम प्राधिकरण फाइल The term PNA has come into widespread use with the growing popularity of automobile navigation systems. The latest generation of PNA have sophisticated navigation functions and feature a variety of user interfaces including maps, turn-by-turn guidance and voice instructions. To reduce total cost of ownership and time to market, most modern PNA devices such as those made by Garmin Ltd., Mio Technology Ltd. or TomTom International BV. are running an off-the-shelf embedded operating system such as Windows CE or Embedded Linux on commodity hardware with OEM versions of popular PDA Navigation software packages such as TomTom Navigator, I-GO 2006, Netropa IntelliNav iGuidance, or Destinator.
विपवारम The hygiene hypothesis suggests that various immunological disorders that have been observed in humans only within the last 100 years, such as Crohn's disease, or that have become more common during that period as hygienic practices have become more widespread, may result from a lack of exposure to parasitic worms (also called helminths) during childhood. The use of "Trichuris suis" ova (TSO, or pig whipworm eggs) by Weinstock, et al., as a therapy for treating Crohn's disease and to a lesser extent ulcerative colitis are two examples that support this hypothesis. There is also anecdotal evidence that treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) with TSO decreases the incidence of asthma, allergy, and other inflammatory disorders. Some scientific evidence suggests that the course of multiple sclerosis may be very favorably altered by helminth infection; TSO is being studied as a treatment for this disease.
जैव विविधता में कृषि और पशुपालन (), हरित क्रांति के इस्तेमाल को लोकप्रिय पारंपरिक संकर ()ization बनाने द्वारा कई परतों उपज "बढ़ाने के लिएअधिक उपज वाले किस्में ()".पौधों और पशुओं की नस्लों के अक्सर को मुट्ठी विकसित देशों में और उद्भव hybridized आगे की स्थानीय किस्मों के साथ hybridized थे, विकासशील दुनिया के बाकी में, उच्च उपज उपभेदों स्थानीय जलवायु और रोगों के लिए प्रतिरोधी बनाने के लिए। स्थानीय सरकारों और उद्योग के बाद से इस तरह के उत्साह है कि जंगली और स्वदेशी नस्लों के कई के साथ संकरण को प्रेरित कर दिया गया है स्थानीय साल के पहले ही विलुप्त हो गए हैं पर हजारों जलवायु और बीमारियों आदि के लिए प्रतिरक्षा में स्थानीय चरम सीमाओं को उच्च प्रतिरोध विकसित होने या गंभीर खतरे में हैं निकट भविष्य में बनने.Due to complete disuse because of un-profitability and uncontrolled intentional and unintentional cross-pollination and crossbreeding (genetic pollution ()) formerly huge gene pools of various wild and indigenous breeds have collapsed causing widespread genetic erosion () and genetic pollution resulting in great loss in genetic diversity () and biodiversity as a whole.