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Article Example
सर्वांगसमता The SSA condition (Side-Side-Angle) which specifies two sides and a non-included angle (also known as ASS (Angle-Side-Side)) does not always prove congruence.
सर्वांगसमता The SSA condition proves congruence if the angle is acute and the opposite side either equals the adjacent side times the sine of the angle (right triangle) or is longer than the adjacent side.
सर्वांगसमता Specifically, SSA does not prove congruence when the angle is acute and the opposite side is shorter or equal to the adjacent side but longer than the sine of the angle times the adjacent side. This is the ambiguous case. In all other cases, SSA proves congruence. Notice that the opposite side cannot be smaller than the adjacent side times the sine of the angle as this could not describe a triangle.
आंशिक भिन्न As formula_40, the right-hand side is
त्रिकोणमितीय सर्वसमिकाओं की उपपत्तियाँ Differentiating the left-hand side of the identity yields:
स्टार-डेल्टा परिवर्तन Now we divide each side of (7) by formula_20, leaving
चिल्का झील तीन जल वैज्ञानिक उप-प्रणालियों को झील के जल विज्ञान को नियंत्रित करते हैं। The land based system comprises distributaries of the Mahanadi River on the northern side, 52 river channels from the western side and the Bay of Bengal on the eastern side. Two of the three southern branches of the Mahanadi River that trifurcates at Cuttack,
सदिश कैलकुलस की सर्वसमिकाएँ where the left-hand side evaluates as zero assuming the order of differentiation is immaterial.
लाप्लास रूपान्तर इस समीकरण को एक ही पक्ष (side) में ले जाकर लिखने पर,
प्रोग्रामन भाषाओं की सूची (वर्गानुसार) Off-side rule languages are those where blocks are formed, indicated, by their indentation.