Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sin

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sin

Article Example
ત્રિકોણમિતિ ત્રિકોણમિતિમાં સૌથી અધિક મહત્વપૂર્ણ છે સમકોણ ત્રિભુજનું અધ્યયન. ત્રિભુજો અને બહુભુજોની ભુજાઓની લંબાઈ અને બે ભુજાઓ વચ્ચેના ખુણાઓનું અધ્યયન કરવા માટેનો મુખ્ય આધાર એ છે કે સમકોણ ત્રિભુજની કોઈપણ બે ભુજાઓ (આધાર, લંબ તથા કર્ણ)નો અનુપાત તે ત્રિભુજના ખુણાઓના માન પર નિર્ભર કરે છે. ત્રિકોણમિતિની ભુમિતિના પ્રસિદ્ધ બૌધાયન પ્રમેય (પાયથાગોરસ પ્રમેય) સાથે ચોક્કસ સબંધ રહેલો છે. સાઇન(sin), કોસાઇન(cosine), ટેન(tan), કોટ(cot) એ અગત્યના વિધેયો છે. ત્રિકોણમાં ત્રણ ખૂણા નો સરવાળો ૧૮૦ ડિગ્રી થાય છે.
મેર Bhagvan Ramdevji Maharaj was a Tunvar Rajput regarded by Hindus as the incarnation of Lord Krishna who tried to rid the world of sin and hatred-he is known as the 'dhori dhaja' carrier which shows he was a warrior deity who bought innocence and bravery here. History goes that five Pirs from Mecca came to test his miraculous powers and after being convinced, paid their homage to him. Since then he is venerated by Muslims as Ramshahpir or Ramapir.
એરિસ્ટોટલ Upon એલેક્ઝાન્ડર's death, anti-Macedonian sentiment in એથેન્સ once again flared. Eurymedon the hierophant denounced એરિસ્ટોટલ for not holding the gods in honor. એરિસ્ટોટલ fled the city to his mother's family estate in Chalcis, explaining, "I will not allow the Athenians to sin twice against philosophy," a reference to એથેન્સ's prior trial and execution of સોક્રેટિસ. However, he died in Euboea of natural causes within the year (in 322 BC). એરિસ્ટોટલ named chief executor his student Antipater and left a will in which he asked to be buried next to his wife.
પ્રભાસ પાટણ ત્રિવેણી સંગમ સ્નાન ઘાટ; હીરણ નદી of Somnath established at the confluence of the three holy rivers Saraswati, Kapil and Hiran is a sacrosanct locale highly revered by Hindus as the Moksha Teerth. This is the place where the three blessed rivers flow into the Arabian Sea. As the sea is the ultimate destination of a river, obtaining Moksha is the ultimate goal of the human life. The three rivers Saraswati, Kapil and Hiran stand for the three stages of the life; birth, life and death. Triveni Sangam Snanghat is the sacred site for taking a divine and sin cleansing dip in the Triveni Sangam. Apart from that, this Snanghat is also acclaimed as the place where ‘Pitru - tarpana’ can be offered to your departed ancestors. Triveni Ghat has a significant place in Hindu Mythology and Puranas. It is believed that Lord Krishna walked to this holy spot after he was struck by an arrow shot by Jara, a hunter in Bhalka tirth. This is a highly revered place in Somnath. This location is a very peaceful and amazing, yet underrated - Many famous temples are located on the banks of Triveni Ghat.
પ્રભાસ પાટણ પરશુરામ મંદિર – located to the right of the road to triveni sangam, opposite to Rudralay temple, is popular among devotees. Lord Parshuram, the son of Goddess Renuka and a pious sage Jamadagni is believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and one of the seven immortals (chiranjiv) as stated in Hindu mythology. This locale is believed to be the very place where Lord Parshuram had performed a severe penance in the honor of Lord Somnath in order to get rid of the sin committing Kshatriya Vadh. The Parshuram Temple of Triveni Tirtha happens to be one of the rare temples dedicated to Lord Parshuram. This baroque temple adjoined by two ancient bathing water tanks (holy kunds) is a much sought after religious destination where devotees spend time in prayers and meditation. The temple edifice is divided into three sub structures; sabha mandap, central mandap and a garbhagriha. The garbhagriha of this shrine houses the idol of Lord Parshuram sided by two idols of Kala and Kama. The temple complex also comprises the sub shrines dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha. Additionally, a smaller shrine consecrating the Goddess Renuka is also positioned behind the main temple. Endowed with its religious and mythological significance as well as its charismatic scenic background, this temple is much frequented by the devotees and the tourists all round the year.