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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for engineers

Article Example
સુએઝ નહેર Remnants of this ancient west-east canal, running through the ancient Egyptian cities of Pi-Ramesses, Bubastis and Pithom were discovered by Napoleon Bonaparte's cadre of engineers and cartographers in 1799.
સંબલપુર જિલ્લો About 20 km from Sambalpur lies the Huma Temple which is a leaning structure, angling up to almost an astonishing 17 degrees. A mystery of engineers since the past few decades, it was made by the erstwhile ruler of Sambalpur.
ચેસ Since the advent of the digital computer in the 1950s, chess enthusiasts and computer engineers have built, with increasing degrees of seriousness and success, chess-playing machines and computer programs. The groundbreaking paper on computer chess, "Programming a Computer for Playing Chess", was published in 1950 by Shannon. He wrote:
સુએઝ નહેર Napoleon Bonaparte's interest in finding the remnants of an ancient waterway passage culminated in a cadre of archaeologists, scientists, cartographers and engineers scouring the area beginning in the latter months of 1798. Their findings, recorded in the Description de l'Égypte, include detailed maps that depict the discovery of an ancient canal extending northward from the Red Sea and then westward toward the Nile.
હેન્ડર્સન વેવ્સ, સિંગાપોર હેન્ડર્સન વેવ્સ (અંગ્રેજી:Henderson Waves) એ સિંગાપોર ખાતે બાંધવામાં આવેલો લાંબા અંતરનો પુલ છે, જે માત્ર પગે ચાલીને જવા માટે વાપરવામાં આવે છે. આ પુલની લંબાઈ ૨૭૪ મીટર (૮૯૯ ફૂટ) જેટલી છે. આ પુલ હેન્ડર્સન માર્ગ (Henderson Road)ની ઉપર ૩૬ મીટર (૧૧૮ ફૂટ) જેટલી ઊંચાઈ પર બાંધવામાં આવેલ છે, જે સિંગાપોર ખાતેનો સૌથી વધારે ઊંચાઈ પર આવેલો પગે ચાલીને જવા માટેનો પુલ છે. આ પુલ સિંગાપોરના માઉન્ટ ફેબર પાર્ક (Mount Faber Park), ટેલોક બ્લાન્ઘ હીલ પાર્ક (Telok Blangah Hill Park)નામના બગીચાઓને એકબીજા સાથે જોડે છે. આ પુલનું નિર્માણકાર્ય ઈ. સ. ૨૦૦૮ના વર્ષમાં આઈ.જે.પી. કોર્પોરેશન, લંડન (IJP Corporation, London) અને આર.એસ.પી. આર્કિટેક્ટસ પ્લાનર એન્ડ એન્જિનીયર્સ, સિંગાપોર (RSP Architects Planners and Engineers (PTE) ltd Singapore) દ્વારા પૂર્ણ કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું.
મેર He then briefly described the socio-economic conditions of the Mers of Saurashtra, and indicated as to how they were trying to raise the educational status of the Mers by running a Mer Students Boarding House in Porbandar, and encouraged young boys from villages to avail of better occupational opportunities. This , he said had helped in having created a group of highly qualified people such as barristers, doctors, advocates, engineers and a few other specialist and professionals among the Mers, Referring to the historical past of the Mers, he said that the historians called them Maitraka, meaning descendants of the son of God. He also stated “Among the Gurjars we were known as Mihir. In fact we all are Rajputs, and are counted as one of the thirty six clans of the Rajputs.”